Watch: All 4 episodes of Paddy’s new ‘Frank the Tank’ mascot series – directed by David Schneider

Written by Noel Slevin and Steven Quick from our social media team.


Anyone with even a passing interest in football will know that the real stars of the sport are… the mascots! So we wanted to take you behind the scenes to see what their life is like away from the pitch.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible, so we just had to imagine what it might be like instead. We’ve released a four-part content series, The Mascot, across our social channels.

The series follows an out-of-work dinosaur mascot called Frank The Tank, was written by Noel Slevin and Steven Quick from our social media team, and directed by comedy legend David Schneider – best known for his work with Armando Iannucci and Steve Coogan.

Watch and enjoy:

The Mascot Episode 1

Frank, born a dinosaur, is a disgraced former mascot. He is searching for a new job after being suspended from Basildon Athletic in the Conference South where he’s been their mascot for 16 years. Why did he get suspended? An ‘altercation’ with a group of rival ultras. 

The Mascot Episode 2

Football’s in the past for Frank now as he lands a gig in a retirement home. Things don’t go to plan, though.

The Mascot Episode 3

Frank believes he’s got to ‘dangle the road if you’re to get a few nibbles’ so he joins Tinder. Greg, who’s an owl and also his flatmate and landlord, does his profiles photos for him. He also makes an attempt to get his job back.

The Mascot Episode 4

Frank gets prepared for his first-ever tinder date and gets good news of a job in Boston.


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