Paddy’s Hall of Fame: 9 winners bring in £71,633 for football punter

Imagine, Man United weren't a complete shambles when this won


Football’s well and truly flummoxed for the foreseeable, and the stoppage has seen Paddy get all nostalgic for the beautiful game – and some wonderful winning bets.

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Okay, so he’s not exactly getting the warm and fuzzies at the thought of getting taken to the cleaners by some very bright bettors, but anything is better than the Nicaraguan Under-20 league, isn’t it?

He’s been counting down the top ten greatest football gambles he can recall – check the last entry here when you get a chance, you don’t see many 23-leg accas land – but first, it’s on to number six in the countdown, and a nine-leg winner from 2013…

If it’s still going, there are probably odds on it at

The world was certainly a simpler place back in April 2013.

Donald Trump was just a bewigged, blustering buffoon on TV, Brexit was just a twinkle in Nigel Farage’s eye, and Man United won the league at least every other year.

Well, things change, and nowhere have they changed more than around Old Trafford, where the memory of league title-winning seasons is growing staler than the 13 sliced pans you panic-bought when you got that lockdown Whatsapp message from your mate whose cousin used to be in the army.

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Hard as it is to believe, United were cruising to their 20th league title at this time seven years ago. So comfortable were Sir Alex Ferguson’s side, they could afford to drop three points to their closest rivals, Man City, in the title race and still remain 12 points clear at the top.

And then Moyes came along.

The 2-1 loss at Old Trafford, Fergie’s last derby before handing over the reins, was the backbone of a nine-legged punt that weekend that saw the backer pocket £71,633. This lucky so-and-so took City to win at 9/4 and Sergio Aguero obliged with a decisive strike 12 minutes from time to give the blue half of Machester the bragging rights – but still left United in cruise-control as they collected the league trophy and bid adieu to their great manager.

Combined with three winning La Liga bets, and draws between QPR and Wigan in the Premier League and Roma and Lazio in the Rome derby at prices of 5/2 and just underneath, the bet was built into a huge winner with the inclusion of a Newcastle win over Fulham

And ,just for good measure, there were two in-play bets on Liverpool and Tottenham both to draw their games against West Ham and Everton at under evens to get the whole thing rolling.

In total, the odds added up to 3,582/1, meaning a twenty-pound stake returned the win of over £70k, and secured a spot in Paddy’s Hall of Fame.

Now, back to watching table tennis for me…

If it’s still going, there are probably odds on it at