Jesse Lingard wins inaugural Bog Roll d’Or award

It may be the only trophy Jesse lifts this season.

Jesse Lingard Toilet Rolls


Jesse Lingard has scooped the first ever Bog Roll d’Or award for the world’s greatest toilet paper juggler.

The 27-year-old hot prospect was presented with the prestigious golden toilet roll by a Hermes delivery driver after receiving the most votes from international journalists, national team coaches and captains.

Lingard fought off stiff competition from Barca star Lionel Messi and a 12-year-old lad from Huddersfield to win the trophy.

It comes after the Manchester United ace posted his highly-anticipated Toilet Roll Challenge vid to social media yesterday.

The Bog Roll d‘Or is a fitting way to cap a magnificent year for the Warrington-born winger whose 4,000 Instagram posts this season set a new club record.

In a video shot at his Cheshire home, Lingard pre-warns viewers that ‘haters will say it’s fake’.

He then executes a stunning overhead kick which sends the loo roll flying before rebounding off a nearby wall.

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The roll then goes a magical journey, bouncing off an array of items including an outdoor playhouse, a surfboard and a pink Bentley convertible, before finally landing in a laundry basket.

After receiving the award from the Hermes driver, Lingard went live on Insta, and said:

“Winning the first ever Bog Roll d’Or is something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. It makes it extra special to be nominated by your peers, especially when you look at the competition this year with Messi, Berbatov, Crouch and little Luke from Huddersfield.

“But I can assure fans I won’t be resting on my laurels just because I won this trophy. Keep your eye on Insta in the coming days.”

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The footballing world was unanimous in its support for the decision. Rent-a-quote Spanish football journalist Guillem Balagué believes Lingard is a worthy winner.

“There were lots of decent Toilet Roll Challenges this season but Jesse just pips it for me. He deserves it for the sheer inventiveness alone. The playhouse, who saw that coming?

“The Bentley? Pure genius.”

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

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Meanwhile, Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is hoping the award is the first of many for his players this season.

Of course, we’re delighted for Jesse.

“The only things we’ve celebrated this season are player’s birthday, so we’re relieved to get that first piece of silverware in the cabinet,” beamed the Norwegian.

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