Mino Raiola makes an emotional plea for the release of Paul Pogba

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A distraught Mino Raiola made a heartfelt plea for the release of Paul Pogba who has been held captive in Manchester since 2016.

The 52-year-old Italian broke down in tears as he begged Pogba’s captors to let him return to his home in Turin.

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Appealing directly to the leader of the Manchester-based gang who’ve held Pogba for almost four years, Raiola said:

‘If Solskjaer is listening to this, we’re prepared to meet Paul’s £100M ransom – including my usual fee, of course. Please, just let my boy go’.

Pogba has been held prisoner since the summer of 2016 by a notorious group known as Manchester United PLC.

United are known for taking young men from across Europe and detaining them in Manchester for lengthy spells before demanding money for their release.

Whilst in captivity, the young men are kept in squalid holes known as ‘mansions’ which they are usually forced to share with a Victoria Secret model or a former Love Island contestant.

Occasionally the men are transported from their mansions to United’s headquarters at Old Trafford where they are afforded 90-minutes recreation time and allowed to mingle with other prisoners.

A 31-year-old Chilean man was released from captivity in Manchester last summer and now resides in Italy.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, described the hellish treatment he was subjected to while in Manchester.

‘I spent 18-months as Manchester United’s prisoner’.

‘Sometimes they forced me to play a game known as football and all I got in return was a measly £26M’.

The man’s nightmare came to an end when a humanitarian group calling themselves Inter Milan managed to negotiate his release last August

Since then Inter Milan have managed to rescue two more prisoners from their Manchester hell.

‘So far we’ve managed to rescue 3 men from their Manchester ordeal’, explained Antonio Conte, head of the Inter Milan humanitarian group.

‘But we’ll keep doing all we can until the prisoners are released, including Paul’, he added.

Much like his compatriot Conte, Mino Raiola claims that no mountain – or agent’s fee – is too high, when it comes to securing the release of Pogba:

‘I’ll do everything it takes to get Paul out of Manchester’.

When asked if that included a pay cut, Raiola replied:

‘Are you on something mate?’

Raiola made the headlines in 2016 when he purchased the home of one of America’s most infamous mob bosses.

‘It’s an honour to be linked with one of the most notorious gangsters in history’, said the Capone family.

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