Fantasy Premier League: 5 reasons daily fantasy is so much better

Second wild card squandered already? Not to worry


We love our Daily Fantasy sports, and we think you will too. As the Premier League Christmas schedule recedes into the rearview window we’re here to tell you why Daily Fantasy Premier League is so much better than the season-long fantasy game you’re used to.

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Your season’s not over until the season’s over

Let’s be honest; It’s January, and most of us are already out of contention in our season-long fantasy leagues. You wasted your Wildcard in Week 4 to bring in Teemu Pukki and Ashley Barnes, and your crafty punt on a Watford renaissance hasn’t panned out.

Even if you’re still in with a shout, you’re likely itching to feel the sweet relief of your second Wildcard to erase all of those mistakes the early weeks brought, while the same three mates who romp 100 points clear in your league every season are debating how they’ll navigate through the choppy weeks of cups ties and Champions League in the season run-in.

Why put in all that effort just to hope you manage to sneak into 5th place by May? Imagine instead a world where every week the game resets, the 100-point leads are wiped off the board, and it’s just a battle of wits for one weekend of glorious Premier League action.

Your hard work, intelligence, research and hunches this week can be put to good use on a level playing field. That’s Daily Fantasy on Paddy Power – we won’t hold your past mistakes against you!

You can play on a single match

Hey, we’re all busy. Maybe you haven’t got the time to scour Twitter for the latest injury news on Wolves’ full-backs in the run-up to the 11:30 transfer cut-off on a Saturday morning; that’s when the shopping needs to get done, or Friday night needs to be um…worked out of your system.

But you’re still a Fantasy fan, you still want the banter with your mates. You still want to show them you’re the smartest, but you just haven’t got the time to sit in your underpants listening to podcasts and developing spreadsheets about XG and successful dribbles.

With Daily Fantasy, we offer games on just one match; Two teams, a limited pool of players, and every fantasy manager is in the same boat! It only takes a minute to set your line-up, and then you can sit back and follow the only game that really counts this week, the game you’re going to win!

There are no must-have players

Sadio Mané. Mo Salah. Andy Robertson. Harry Kane. Sergio Aguero. Gareth Bale. Seamus Coleman. Cristiano Ronaldo. Michu. These names are in the pantheon of Fantasy Premier League greats not just because they’re good at football, but because their production became so consistent that eventually everyone had to have them in their team: you couldn’t even compete without them.

Even if they play badly, that’s ok because you know that everyone has them, so you all suffer equally.

Everyone having the same team turns your weekends into a snore-fest of rotating captains and budget centre-backs in the vain hope of finding that one difference that might give you an edge.

Instead, you could play Daily Fantasy Premier League and select the players that you think are going to have a great weekend, unencumbered by the need to keep up with the Joneses on the off-chance Mané gets a hat trick. Be a free thinker, ignore the crowd and pick your own game-winning line-up.

Nobody can piggyback your genius

Sometimes when you’re in the hunt for a fantasy title, you can do everything right but still end up a couple of points short. You make the genius move to ditch Sterling band bring in Vardy just as one goes out of form and the other comes into it, but two weeks later you’ve barely made any ground.

Then you check the team of the guy in front of you, only to find that he’s coincidentally made the exact same move a week later!

Some people will call this tactic ‘savvy’, but we call it cynical, and downright mean. With Paddy Power Daily Fantasy, you pick your line-up with all the nous and intelligence you’re known for, and nobody can see it until the games start. They can’t change their team to match you, and once the game week is over and you’re sitting pretty with your winnings in top spot, the whole thing resets so nobody else gets to leech off your genius.

David Silva scores the team's first goal

Manchester City’s Spanish midfielder David Silva (C) scores the team’s first goal during the English FA Cup final football match between Manchester City and Watford at Wembley Stadium in London, on May 18, 2019. (Photo by Daniel LEAL-OLIVAS / AFP) / NOT FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING USE / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE (Photo credit should read DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images)

You get your prize money right away

Let’s say you’re the guy who wins your fantasy league every season. Some of your mates don’t even talk to you about fantasy anymore because they know you’re really in a league of your own, but you have to wait until May of next year to officially be able to brag.

Maybe you’ve all put a couple of quid in the pot, and when you inevitably take the title you’ll reap in that sweet fantasy profit. Next summer.

Isn’t there something you could use those winnings for right now? Wouldn’t you prefer bragging rights and prize money each week instead of just once at the end of the season? With Daily Fantasy you get paid out after the games end, so you can get that smug end-of-season feeling every single week!

Play Fantasy Premier League at Paddy Power Fantasy

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