You are never safe against Liverpool – just like Fergie’s Man United

John Gibbons’ views this week might surprise some Liverpool fans.


It’s the big one on Sunday, the game the whole season has been building up to. The battle of the East Lancs Road.

The two top teams in the country fighting for North West bragging rights, but also more importantly for a Premier League title.

This result may have a big impact on where that trophy goes in May, even this early in the season.

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Once the campaign is over and the dust has settled, you wouldn’t be surprised if Anfield in November was talked about as a key moment.

Where Liverpool cemented their dominance and opened up a nine-point lead at the top of the league, or Man City showed they weren’t going to give up their title without a fight and they were still the best side in the country.

The narrative is up in the air. Yet to be written.

It used to be the battle with the red side of Manchester that was the biggest game of the season, but it is the blue half of the city that has our attention now. Old feuds will always remain, but new rivalries emerge in football through circumstances and position.

After largely watching Manchester United win trophies for 20 odd years, it is perhaps ironic that now Liverpool have finally got their act together it is City we have to compete with. United almost irrelevant.

Yet you watch Liverpool now and you can’t help but be reminded of those United sides under Ferguson, regardless of how it might pain both sets of fans to admit it.

That will to win at any cost and in any way.

The relentless attacking when they have a team under siege, flying forward from every direction and every position on the pitch. And, of course, those late, late goals that send the Liverpool fans into ecstasy and everyone else into despair.

I wouldn’t mind seeing an end to the late winners, if I am honest. For all the drama and incredible release of a 94th-minute goal to win a game. I much prefer spending the last 20 minutes of a game chatting to my friends about what we are going to do that night as The Reds play out a 3-0 victory in front of us.

It would be nice to see some substitutions made to see out a game, rather than win one.

All these late winners are very exciting, but not great for the health. It’s only November, and I’m knackered already.

But it does show the mental strength of the team. Under Ferguson it was said the belief was “Manchester United never lose, they just run out of time”.

This Liverpool team seem to have a similar attitude.

No matter what the score is, how badly they, or well the opposition, are playing, they just believe they will eventually wear the other team down. It might take 10 minutes, it might take nearer 100, but eventually, they will overcome.

Of course, this team has a long way to go to match the success and longevity of Ferguson’s United.

But, the way they used to make me feel is reminiscent of how I now hear other fans talking about Liverpool.

Another lucky win, got away with it again, another penalty, typical. Bring it on. There is no luck in attitude.

The more we believe the more the opposition start to believe it too.

You are never safe against Liverpool. They never accept they are beaten. We never lose. We just run out of time.

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