Fitba Roundup: Labradors, the wrong trousers and bitter match reports

Just another weekend in Scottish football.

Ian McCall Partick Thistle


It’s been a contrasting week in the world of Scottish football as we’ve enjoyed the highest of highs whilst also suffering the lowest of lows. And no, Craig Levein’s monthly masterclass and ability to somehow cling on to his job is neither of those.

Up in Scotland we don’t have money comparable to those giants in the EPL. None the less, Partick Thistle have made themselves look a bit silly by not buying new manager Ian McCall any trousers before then sharing this with everyone on their social:

David correctly called them out on the shambles and, after getting ridiculed for a a few days, Partick tried to make a joke of the situation. Sadly, we know they’ll just be crying behind the screen as they plunge £43.12 closer to liquidation. Tough times at Firhill:

Over to Sunday’s clash between Rangers and Hearts now and, to warn you in advance, the following makes for some pretty grim viewing. I’m not even talking about the state of Rangers either…

Alfredo Morelos’ 39th minute equaliser saved Rangers’ blushes but really ruined Hearts’ day. That is of course because one of their fans did this:

Now, I’m not one to exaggerate things, but I hope Hearts are slammed with a heavy fine for this unacceptable behaviour. There is absolutely no place for this shite in Scottish football and, if I was the police, I’d be searching the law book for a way to take her down for this brutal act. Truly horrific actions and arguably the most shameful day Scotland has ever endured. Lifetime ban please.

Still, not a bad result for Hearts as they clamber a point further from relegation and undoubtedly the worst Rangers performance we’ve seen since… actually, it wasn’t even the worst Rangers display that day:

Onto the good news now and Pollock FC have arrived in the limelight this weekend as the football club of dreams. Firstly, it was announced that not only do they let pets into their games, but the Pollock Ultras top dog (sorry) is a Labrador.

Now this is fantastic, yes, but the replies to the tweet are even better. Turns out they let supporters pop down the pub for a quick pint at half-time too. If you’re not a Pollock fan, rethink your existence:

It was also Scottish Cup weekend, but sadly there’s not much to report apart from Cove – who have taken League Two by storm after a number of big (expensive) signings in the summer – being very, very bitter after losing to Junior side Auchinleck Talbot. Not that you could tell from their match report:

The toys are well and truly out the pram there. Money can’t buy you happiness lads. I think, if anything, it’s just made us all even more grateful for our beloved Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Challenge Cup.

Lastly, League Two is cancelled next weekend as they’re all involved in Scottish Cup replays, so here’s a Premiership to League One treble:

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