Euro 2020 Qualifying: Make it a sweet Saturday with our 11/1 treble

We’ve nipped around Europe for some tips!


Bosnia v Finland – Finland (+1) – 4/6

It’s one of those clichés that people want to express for little or no reason.

Apparently, Bosnia is a ‘tough place to go’, despite the majority of people peddling that rubbish not knowing where Bosnia actually is on a map. In saying that, if you don’t know where it is, it would be a very tough place to go to.

Finland are assured at least a play-off, so they can play with a bit more freedom than they’ve been doing so far. Conceding just four times in their six games, the conservative approach has favoured them, but now they can play out somewhat.

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Granted, there is only player in that Finnish squad who has scored more than twice for his country, but now is the time to add to those tallies.

A win here all but guarantees their place in the tournament, so expect them to attack.

Denmark v Switzerland: Switzerland to Score more than 1.5 Goals – 11/5

This Swiss team is ranked 10th in the world, which means about as much as the time your mother told you that you were a beautiful child.

In saying that, Denmark are a bog-standard outfit and I’m sick of looking at their ugly mugs.

There’s only so many times Age Hareide can be condescending towards his opposition before they get thumped, and Shaqiri or no Shaqiri, the Swiss team is filled with players playing at the top level.

Actually, half of them play for Borussia Moenchengladbach. But, that’s still a top-level.

Ride to Swiss the whole way to neutrality – and a few quid to boot.

Norway v Spain: Spain (-1) – 7/5

Norway is one of those countries you expect to be better at football than they are.

They’re not even on the same level as Sweden and Denmark, and even briefly fell below Iceland’s level for a spell.

Spain have scored at least twice in each of their away games in this group to date, while Norway’s sole home win came against the footballing giants of Malta.

But it’s not just us resting on Spain’s attacking prowess, they’ve conceded just three times throughout this campaign, and one of those was a consolation in the Faroe Islands.

They may not be going into tournaments as favourites anymore, but they’re still playing the same way that’s been ripping teams apart since 2006.

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* All odds correct at time of posting.