REVEALED: What Phil Jones really said behind Ed Woodward’s back

Finally, some clarity on the madness.


Footy fans have been left to speculate after footage emerged of a rather awkward exchange between Ed Woodward and Phil Jones during United’s defeat to West Ham on Sunday.

After Aaron Cresswell’s exquisite free-kick put the Hammers 2:0 up, cameras swung to the reaction in the stands and caught Jones muttering something that appeared to rile the chief executive.

Woodward then scolded Jones as if he was a teacher telling off a pupil who was dicking about on a school trip.

Everyone and their granny suddenly became a lip-reading expert and had a bash at deciphering the exchange on Twitter.

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And the consensus appears to be the following:

Jones: ‘Sacked in the morning’

Woodward: ‘We’re on camera, stop’.

However, we can exclusively reveal what was actually said between the pair was probably this:

Jones: ‘I miss Smalling’

Woodward: ‘Mike’s in Italy, stop!’

Or possibly this:

Jones: ‘Give it Giggsy in morning’

Woodward: ‘What about Rhodri? Stop’.

Or this:

Jones: ‘Want anything from the vendy’

Woodward: ‘A can of 7-UP’.

Or this:

Jones: ‘Rochdale on Wednesday’

Woodward: ‘That’s us out of the cup’.


Or this:

Jones: ‘Sex in the morning?’

Woodward: ‘We’ve seen your orgasm-face. Stop’.

Or this:

Jones: ‘My arse is numb’

Woodward: ‘Why don’t you sit on my lap?’.

But most likely this:

Jones: ‘Remember my 5-year deal, Ed?’

Woodward: ‘Please shut the f**k up?’.

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