5 ways Arsenal fans can kick-start the #EmeryOut movement

Arsenal fans are demanding change – again – and we’re on hand to help…


When Arsene Wenger was finally dethroned at the Emirates Stadium in May 2018, it was widely accepted amongst supporters that whoever replaced him would need ample time to make their mark as the club lurched into the post-AW era.

“He’ll need a few years to teach these mugs how to defend properly!” they said. “It doesn’t matter who he is, so long as he gets four or five transfer windows to get his own players in,” they exclaimed.

“Anyone but Wenger and I’ll be happy!” they bellowed.

Unai Emery was the chosen one to receive this extended period of patience. Unfortunately for him, it barely extended to 10 months.

The goodwill shown towards the Spaniard began to disappear towards the end of last season, as his Gunners side undertook the collapse of all collapses during the Premier League run-in.

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They didn’t just tossed a top four spot in the bin, but doused it in petrol, set fire to it and jettisoned it into outer space for good measure. Fans’ misery was then compounded by a thumping defeat to Chelsea in the Europa League final in Baku.

But now, following a shaky start to the season and the embarrassing capitulation at Watford on Sunday afternoon, Arsenal supporters have made one thing very clear: it’s time for the #EmeryOut campaign to begin.

Much to the baying Twitter mob’s chagrin, a few taps on their smartphones at this point won’t force Emery out of their club.

So, we’ve come up with a few ideas for Arsenal fans to set the rocket boosters alight on the #EmeryOut campaign…

1. Fly an anti-Emery banner over the stadium

This is a tried and tested protest method from disgruntled Gooners, which received a couple of airings (if you’ll pardon the pun) during the height of the #WengerOut campaign in 2017.

Granted, it’s not the cheapest way to make their voices heard (unless funded by a certain YouTube fan channel who seek to embarrass their own club), but it is certain to grab attention.

They’ll just need a catchy, on-brand message. May we suggest “Good ebening Unai – but it’s time to go!”

2. Stage mass protests dressed as Dracula

Since he was thrust into the Premier League limelight, it’s been hard to escape the fact that Emery bears more than a passing resemblance to Dracula.

While there are no reports of the Spaniard ever sucking blood (he’s made do with sucking the life out of Mesut Ozil’s Arsenal career instead), the #EmeryOut campaign could jump on the back of this lookalike for their own gain.

Imagine the retweets and column inches they’d get if thousands of Gooners turned up to the Emirates dressed as the famous Count, chanting “Emery sucks! Emery sucks!”. And if they really want to go the extra mile, installing a ring of garlic around the stadium as a symbolic attempt to keep him away would be a fitting touch.

3. Demand he only takes charge against European opposition

Emery was appointed by then-chief executive Ivan Gazidis principally because of his exemplary Europa League record, having won the competition three times back-to-back with Sevilla. It was almost justified as he proceeded to guide the Gunners to their first European final in 13 years.

Yes, they got hammered in the final against Chelsea, but having beaten Napoli and Valencia in the knockouts along the way – two teams who have beaten English opposition in the Champions League already this season – Emery clearly knows what he’s doing when he comes up against continental opposition.

The #EmeryOut brigade could try and reason with the club, saying he will be fully supported should he only take charge against European opposition – with first-team coach and club legend Freddie Ljungberg otherwise taking control.

Especially if they come up against another English team in the final.

Unai Emery

4. Better Call Raul

Not many people had heard of Raul Sanllehi before this summer, but having masterminded arguably the best transfer window in Arsenal’s recent history, the club’s head of football has emerged as supporters’ new cult hero.

Given he’s calling all the major shots at the club these days, the #EmeryOut campaign simply must exhaust every possible avenue to acquire his phone number for two reasons: 1) To try and bend his ear and convince him to do away with Unai immediately; 2) To give them a legitimate reason to flood social media with Better Call Raul memes. It’s a no-brainer.

5. Start the #WengerIn campaign

There’s no doubt that the sheer ferocity of the #WengerOut discontent which embattled Arsenal for years ultimately hastened Arsene’s departure from the club. It proved that if all the whinging cogs work together, genuine change can be achieved.

So if life with Emery at the helm really is that bad already, why not kick the original campaign into full reverse and begin the #WengerIn campaign?

If they scream loud enough, we’ll have a refreshed Arsene back in the dugout in no time – giving Arsenal a safe pair of hands as they start the search for a more suitable post-Wenger successor this time around.

The best bit is that it’s impossible for their shambolic defending on the pitch to get any worse than it already is.

What have you got to lose, Gooners?

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