Jon Walters recalls time Kyle Walker taunted Stoke – only for it to spectacularly backfire!

Poor old Kyle.


Jon Walters likened Norwich’s win over Manchester City to the time Stoke humiliated Tottenham – after a taunt from Kyle Walker went wrong.

City were stunned by newly-promoted Norwich on Saturday as they fell to a 3-2 defeat, leaving the holders of the coveted second-place Premier League trophy five points clear.

While City’s loss shocked fans – we’re giving free bets back as part of our Money Back Mondays offer – Walters insists he was not surprised because he knows better than most about upsetting the big boys.

Under Tony Pulis, Stoke were a no-nonsense long-ball team who made visiting the Britannia a nightmare.

Tony Pulis Stoke City

The Canaries favour an approach that is easier on the eye but, even so, Walters says the Norwich win reminded him of a game against Tottenham in 2011 when Kyle Walker had a meltdown in the tunnel at half-time.

“We had one at half-time when we were beating Tottenham,” he told the Liquid Football Podcast which is produced by JOE in partnership with Paddy Power. “I remember Kyle Walker coming off and he was talking to Aaron Lennon.

“We were winning 2-0, we weren’t playing great football but you’ve got to find a weakness in a big team

“If a player is a weak link, they will pick on him, every ball will be directed towards him. We went in 2-0 at half-time and Walker came off and said to Aaron Lennon ‘these are a dead team’.

Whatever Walker meant by that is anyone’s guess but Walters and co. knew Spurs were rattled and had the last laugh as they saw the game out to win 2-1.

Jon Walters

“Me and Peter Crouch were coming off at half-time just laughing,” he said. “We thought it was brilliant because we knew we had them.”

To compare Walters’ Stoke side with Norwich might be a bit of a stretch as their styles could hardly be more different.

But the Irishman reckons the key is a red-hot atmosphere at home – something both clubs have: “I’ve played in games like that where you play a big team at home.

“The atmosphere is all there, everyone seems to raise their game and you seem to be a little more switched on.

“When you play a bigger team and you’re the underdog you know if you make a mistake in your own half generally it’s a goal. I used to love those games.”

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