Dana White plans N-UFC event for Shearer and Owen to sort it all out

Only £29.99 on pay-per-view too.


The row between Michael Owen and Alan Shearer escalated on Tuesday with both men agreeing to settle their differences in the Octagon, according to reports.

UFC supremo Dana White confirmed the fight will take place this November in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, on the same billing as the Bieber v Cruise contest.

The former Newcastle United teammates swapped insults on Twitter yesterday after excerpts from Owen’s new book, ‘In Reboot – My Life, My Time’ were published in the Daily Mirror.

‘In Reboot’ is Michael Owen’s third autobiography, which means he’s officially written more books than he’s ever read.

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The 39-year-old went into great detail about his four-year stint in the Newcastle treatment room before joining Manchester United for free following the Toon Army’s relegation in 2009.

In the explosive book, Owen reveals how: he never wanted to sign for Newcastle in the first place; he thought all the fans were k**b-heads – and what a crap manager Alan Shearer was.

Shearer responded by calling Owen out on social media about the £120k-per-week wage he collected during his spell on the physio’s table.

Owen returned fire by questioning Shearer’s own loyalty to Newcastle with claims that the 49-year-old tried to engineer a move to Liverpool after being benched by Bobby Robson.

As news of the row spread, football fans in cushy office jobs across the UK and Ireland jumped on Twitter to post popcorn-related GIFs in the comments section.

Following the public spat, a study compiled by Slough College revealed that workforce productivity levels reached their lowest point since England reached the 2018 World Cup semi-final.

After the pair traded blows, UFC President Dana White weighed in and offered the former strike partners the opportunity to settle their differences like ‘real men’ – by sticking on lycra shorts and grappling each other’s sweaty bodies.

‘It’s gonna be a double main event’, beamed White.

‘First up, fans will see Bieber Vs Cruise.

Tom might be giving away a few inches in height, but we’re all praying he hits Bieber harder than puberty did.

‘Then, it’s the one soccer fans in England have been waiting for, Owen v Shearer, to settle once and for all who really is the shi**est pundit on television’.

While Owen might be lacking in fight experience, Shearer can draw on previous bouts with Keith Gillespie (whom he knocked out during a piss-up) and Neil Lennon.

Celtic Boss Lennon saw a promising modelling career ruined when Shearer kicked him in the head back in 1998.

Lennon was just about to sign a contract with Benson & Hedges who were planning to use his teeth for warnings on the back of cigarette packets.

But, the tobacco giants withdrew their offer when Shearer’s kick caused serious improvements to his face.

When quizzed about whether the row with Shearer was staged and just a shameless ploy to flog more books, Owen responded:

‘Once you’ve bought the book, make your own decision’.

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