Neville rampages through Manchester after Pogba penalty miss

That escalated quickly


SkySports pundit Gary Neville embarked upon a rampage across Manchester after Paul Pogba’s penalty miss against Wolves last night, according to reports.

The 44-year-old former United star abandoned his vehicle while stuck in a traffic jam after appearing on Sky’s Monday Night Football show.

Bury-born Neville lost his cool live on air following Manchester United’s 1-1 with Wolverhampton Wanderers during which Paul Pogba had a penalty saved by Rui Patricio.

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TV replays showed Pogba and Rashford (who scored from the spot last week) having a seemingly-amicable debate before the Frenchman stepped up.

However, former England international Neville was incensed by the ‘embarrassing’ confusion surrounding the penalty and made his feelings known.

And the more Neville ranted, the higher-pitched his voice became until it reached a frequency only detectable by dogs.

When the cameras stopped rolling, Neville continued his tirade until he was escorted to his car by a concerned Jamie Carragher.


However, shortly after leaving SkySports HQ, Neville found himself in a traffic jam caused by unnecessary road works.

While stuck in the congestion, the former right-back tuned into talkSport where the penalty incident was still being debated.

At his wits end, Neville abandoned his vehicle and embarked upon a rampage across Manchester, during which he made sardonic observations on life.

At approximately 10.35pm Neville entered a bar where he ordered a gin and slimline tonic water.

It was while waiting at the bar Neville caught a replay of the penalty incident on a TV during a SkySports News bulletin.

Gary Neville

Eyewitnesses claim Neville ripped his shirt open and began shouting, ‘This isn’t f**king tombola d**kheads’, at the top of his lungs.

Things went from bad to worse when the barman mistakenly served Neville a full-sugared version of the carbonated mixer instead.

Onlookers claim the former Valencia boss necked his gin neat before ripping the TV off the wall and leaving the pub with it under his arm.

More witnesses saw Neville bounding through Manchester still clutching the 52” flat screen while repeatedly muttering ‘I don’t like it… I don’t like it’ to himself.

Next the former England coach entered a kebab shop and pointed at a slowly rotating chunk of compacted animal testicle passed off as meat.

Arslan Yilmaz, owner of ‘Arslan’s Sweaty Meats’, recalls:

‘Mr Neville was ordering a doner kebab when he overheard two customers discussing the Pogba penalty miss’.

LONDON, ENGLAND – APRIL 26: Doner Kebabs sit on a rotisserie in a fast food shop in Camberwell on April 26, 2018 in London, England. Party leaders have called on the Government to adopt a series of measures to help tackle childhood obesity. A third of children in the UK are now considered overweight or obese. (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

‘One of the gentlemen argued that a £90M player is more than entitled to take a penalty kick and Mr Neville lost his sh*t’.

Petrified staff members claim Neville leapt over the counter and ripped the entire spit from the rotisserie grill before chomping on the meat like a ‘wild ravenous beast’.

Neville staggered his was way through Manchester city centre shouting ‘This is not under-fives football’ before crashing on a park bench for the night.

When the Champions League winner came round this morning he was suffering from a mild hangover and a debilitating case of the sh*ts.

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