Dom Gall: First Rod Stewart – now Boy George is providing fitba patter

Oh yes - it's another fitba roundup. And it's worth reading even just to see big Conor Sammon's goal of the season contender.

Boy George Ryan Jack


It was a crazy weekend of action in the Scottish League Cup as six of eight ties went to extra time and a lot of big clubs had to work hard to avoid an upset.

All but one survived the round of 16, with both Celtic and Aberdeen requiring extra time against Championship opposition in the form of Dunfermline and Dundee respectively. The one shock came at Rugby Park, as relegation-threatened Kilmarnock overcame high-flying (flying at the heights of sixth that is) Hamilton 1-0 to progress to the last eight.

Looking back to Celtic though, the result was almost too much for one fan, who took to Celtic fan TV to vent his frustrations:

Now, I can’t claim to know the struggles of supporting a big club, but I can’t imagine three consecutive treble trebles and winning the league every year since 2012 constitutes “bad times”. The only bad times at Celtic Park in recent years – apart from last week’s Champion’s League embarrassment – was the time the club had to remind fans to shower. Better to smell than lose to Rangers though, isn’t it?

Talking of Rangers, Ryan Jack seems to be having a good time of it all. He’s impressing the fans, thriving under Gerrard and on the lips of the Tartan Army as a starter for the national team. His life overall can’t be good though, because he’s been bullied online by Boy George. Yes, THE Boy George.

First Rod Stewart and now Boy George providing patter to Scottish football. What next? Abba taking a swing at Forfar? Perhaps Mick Jagger will show up at the next Alloa game? One thing I can tell you from my Google search there is we’re quickly running out of 70s/80s superstars, so any that want to get involved in the wonderful world of the SPFL better do so soon.

Away from the League Cup and down into the lower leagues, Conor Sammon scored the goal of the weekend. A man previously only known for being the Partick Thistle player posing unenthusiastically with a pizza, he’ll now be remembered for this cracker too:

Great to have the Goal of the Year wrapped up early.

What do we all love? Manager meltdowns. Normally these things happen when clubs have made a bit of a mess of it, but Raith Rovers’ John McGlynn has decided that mid-August is the perfect time to start getting the excuses in.

His team are currently sat in second, so I’d love to be a fly on the wall in his changing room if they were fighting relegation. Similarly, if anyone fancies a game, send your CV to Raith Rovers, Starks Park, Somewhere in Fife.

Lastly, with the transfer window still open, you’d think clubs wouldn’t struggle to find a ‘keeper. Apparently though, East of Scotland’s Whitehill Welfare did. The team had to settle for an outfielder in goal on Saturday, so they expected the worst, but the lad kept a clean sheet and it led to another classic Still Game reaction video. Love it.

This week’s Scottish treble for your Saturday coupons:

Motherwell @ Evs – Hamilton v Motherwell

Dundee Utd @ 6/4 – Dunfermline v Dundee Utd

Falkirk @ 4/7 – Clyde v Falkirk

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