REVEALED: 22 of Gary Neville’s latest predictions for the future

Mystic Meg, eat your heart out.

Gary Neville


Having forged a successful career as both a professional footballer and a pundit, it appears Gary Neville is trying to reinvent himself as a fortune teller.

The former Manchester United full-back made a series of wild predictions for the future whilst appearing alongside Jamie Carragher on The Big Debate.

The 44-year-old Mancunian medium prophesised that Manchester United will win the Premier League before Liverpool and Mo Salah will seek pastures new in the near future.

Once the laughter finally died down, Neville treated the studio audience to a host of other predictions for the future. These included:

  • Someone will read the terms and conditions before clicking ‘I agree’
  • Ed Woodward will conclude a transfer deal in a discreet and swift manner
  • People will use Bing instead of Google
  • Pep Guardiola will notice a TV camera and not play to it
  • England will progress past the semi-final stage of a major tournament
  • Manchester City will sell-out The Etihad
  • Newcastle United fans will have a whip-round and erect a statue of Mike Ashley outside St James’ Park
  • Ownership of the Falkland Islands will be decided by a football match between Argentina and England. England will win on penalties
  • A player will admit they’re off to China for the money
  • Jack Wilshire will be fit
  • Flat Earthers will be proved correct
  • Jose Mourinho will admit something was his fault
  • Nicolas Cage will become a good actor
  • Gary will finally grow that moustache
  • Someone will receive an email from a legitimate Nigerian Prince
  • Someone will dribble past Virgil Van Dijk
  • Someone will have a bad word to say about Peter Crouch
  • Roman Abramovich will allow a Chelsea manager to see out the full term of his contract
  • Ronaldo will sign for United
  • Leeds United will get promoted
  • Someone will calm down immediately after being told to calm down.

And, last but by no means least, Gary also predicted that Gary Neville and his various commercial investments in the Salford area would enjoy a long, healthy and profitable relationship with Manchester United and the Glazer family.

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