Dom Gall: The 4 best and 4 worst Scottish football kits of 2019-20

There's one in particular that we like

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The 2019/20 SPFL season is a few weeks old now, meaning each team has had the chance to strut their stuff in their new attire.

We’ve seen some crackers, but there are a few which have likely caused permanent damage to my eyes.

Before I head to Specsavers to get them checked out, here’s the winners and losers of 2019/20.

Top Four: Winners

In fourth place, a position that may well have been higher was it not for the fact they are historically rivals of my beloved Berwick, Cowdenbeath have truly smashed it with their new Home kit.

It pains me to say it, but it’s a beauty – and bonus points to the club for listening to the fans who requested it last season. The only downside for me is the sponsor is too detailed, ruining the simplicity.

If only someone could start a campaign to ditch sponsors…

In third, the new Rangers Home kit. A very good retro effort, but with one major flaw that I cannot unsee – the crest is too low. It should sit on the chest and instead it hangs off the bottom of it. It’s annoying.

Not sure if that’ll be such a problem for the, erm, bigger boned supporters buying it though. Well received by the fans so it gets pass marks from me.

Motherwell never really fail to make a good kit, with their distinct colours and traditional band around the chest. The away kit this year though, is a masterpiece. There was a nervous wait to see which sponsor would appear to ruin it – then, BOOM, along comes Paddy to save the day and #SaveOurShirt.

My winner, in a closely fought contest, is the new Hearts Home shirt. A perfectly executed retro kit, with a sponsor that doesn’t completely ruin it.

Lifted straight out of the ‘good old days’, it’s a modern classic and wins them top spot on my podium.

If you’ve not noticed, the overall theme is retro. Traditional is almost always a good way to go and “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” is the motto designers need to live by.

Anyway, you’ve had the belters. Now here’s the stinkers…

Top Four: Losers

In fourth place, just missing out on a medal of shame, is the new St Mirren Home kit. Did you just buy a white template kit and stick on two stripes with duct tape? Ouch.

In third, Celtic new Home kit. You broke the hoops, Celtic, and that doesn’t come without consequences.

Since then they’ve lost Kieran Tierney, Champions League football and probably the will to live. Tough times in Paradise.

In second, Dumbarton’s new Home kit.

For as long as I’ve known Dumbarton, they’ve played in white kits with a black and gold band. It’s a unique design that was often a cracker that also helped them stand out. This year they’ve clearly just given up and grabbed the first semi-relevant top out of the catalogue. Poor from them.

Was there ever going to be anything else claiming top spot for worst kit of the year? In fact, worst kit ever? What the f**k is this, Celtic.

Crap kit or not – Celtic are 4/11 favs to win the 2019-20 SPFL

What do you think?