Exclusive: Joe Hart ruled out for season with itchy scalp

Damn dandruff!


Goalkeeper Joe Hart has been ruled out for the entire 2019/20 season with an itchy scalp, it has emerged.

The 32-year-old was assessed by Burnley’s medical staff last week after complaining about some flaking and itchiness on his head. Hart broke down in floods of tears when doctors revealed it was a recurrence of an old dandruff problem.

It puts to bed any chances the 75-cap England ‘keeper had of replacing Iker Casillas at Porto this summer.

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38-year-old Casillas, who also suffered from an itchy scalp during his playing career, reached out to Hart and offered his support.

‘I spoke to Joe this morning. He’s distraught. He thought his dandruff problems were behind him’, revealed the former Real Madrid star.

Hart and Casillas completed their rehabilitation together and even undertook a revolutionary new treatment known as ‘Head & Shoulders’.   

But while the Spaniard continued to use Head & Shoulders, Hart admitted he switched brands several weeks ago.

‘Joe started using a non-anti-dandruff shampoo thinking he’d be okay. Then last week while on a hot date with his missus all he could think about was his itchy scalp’.

‘I wish him a speedy recovery’, said Casillas while running his goalie glove through his flake-free luscious head of hair.

Both Burnley and the player, immediately knew the full extent of the injury but did not go public with the prognosis at the request of the ex-Man City star.

Hart did not want the severity of his dandruff problem to disturb his teammates’ preparations for the upcoming Premier League season.

However, the former Shrewsbury Town goalkeeper finally broke his silence last night with a Tweet which read:

I’m afraid it’s true. The dandruff is back.

Players past and present who fought their way back from career-threatening dandruff problems rallied on social media to wish the ex-Torino man luck.

Former Bolton Wanderers and Liverpool midfielder Jason McAteer, who recovered from a serious bout of dandruff in 1997, Tweeted:

‘Horrible to hear what happened. It took me back to a dark time in my career and life. Wish you all the best my brother. Stay strong. You will come back even stronger’.

Italian counterpart Gianluigi Buffon who battled back from a case of dandruff in 2017 offered his sympathies in an Instagram post which read:

‘Gutted for you. Wish you a speedy recovery bro’.

Within a matter of minutes, #prayforjoe was trending on Twitter.

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