Dom Gall: I can’t wait for an all-Glasgow Europa League final

It’s what the world wants to see.


What’s fresh in the wonderful world of Scottish football this week then?

We’re back in European action again and, as we all pretend Killie don’t exist and as such could never have lost to a bang average & part-time Welsh team, excitement is high as both Celtic and Rangers do their best to keep us on track for an all-Glasgow Europa League final. Early stages, yes, but I’m optimistic.

Rangers beat Progres Neiderkorn 2-0 – which is a shame as it means we’re unlikely to see videos of Steven Gerrard standing in a bush arguing with fans – and followed it up with a 1-0 win over Derby County.

This of course left the fans assuming 55 is all but done. They’re not wrong and, if it wasn’t for the fact we’d miss out on all the laughs over the next ten months, I’d suggest just skipping straight to May and presenting the trophy.

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Nikola Katic was key man in the win over Derby, and having been put in Rangers jail last year due to Worrall playing every week – for no reason any football minded person can even begin to understand – I can see his return being as significant as that time Robert the Bruce switched sides in Braveheart and ruined it for Scotland.

Elsewhere, Celtic showed they’re still not over David Turnbull’s decision to remain at Motherwell, limping home to a 5-0 win over Nomme Kalju.

A returning Lee Griffiths saved the day by scoring the all-important third goal, and the striker’s return to action will be the only thing preventing the eight-in-a-row champs from a bottom half finish this season I imagine.

Back to what we’re all up to online, and the great thing about the continued growth of social media is the need for clubs to break down more and more barriers between the team and the fans in order to stay ahead of the game.

Premiership side Motherwell are a great example of that, with footage emerging from within the dressing room immediately after a game. Where can clubs go next?

A few English clubs have turned their attention to sticking microphones on players or managers, with Watford doing the former and Bournemouth the latter.

It’s a great idea, but would it work in Scotland?

I’ll leave St Johnstone’s Zander Clark to answer that one for you…

With the Scottish League Cup over no sooner than it started, the return of the Scottish Leagues is this very weekend.

The 5th and 6th tier teams have already kicked off, meaning the weekly pumpings that we’ve all come to know and love have returned.

Kelty Hearts, who I have previously wrote about due to being the Scottish Salford, have put their billions to good use with the season’s first 8-0 demolition job.

That’s likely to be the tip of the iceberg as they look to push on into League Two, and anything less than 6-0 win will be embarrassing for them.

Up North, Fort William have unofficially become Inverness reserves in their quest to actually win a game for one.

Having gone two years without the aforementioned win, it’s a move that’ll likely do more damage to the young players’ egos than getting rejected by every young female in the Highlands, but we’ll see how it goes.

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