Fooled you! How the world reacted to our fake shirt hoax

Did you fall for the old switcheroo? You weren't alone


Everyone’s a critic.

You pour your heart and soul in trying to create something beautiful yet stylish, innovative but classic, unique and still timeless, and this is the thanks you get.’s Premier League odds are causing stir

It’s heartbreaking.

Ah, not really.

We think it’s time to give something back to the fans – namely, the sacred shirt of their favourite team – so we’re un-sponsoring Huddersfield Town’s shirts this season.

That means they’ll go sponsor free this season thanks to Paddy Power’s Save Our Shirt initiative to clean up kits, though we wouldn’t have really had a choice if the kits were real after the reaction our atrocious duff jerseys received.

Now we know what it feels like to be Donald Trump for a day!

Terriers fans were loud and clear in their opinion that we must to slash the sash from the club’s new kit:

And pretty much everyone else thought the same.

Though some thought we were too subtle

And others saw an extraterrestrial significance

Constructive criticism was that maybe we could’ve added some shorts

While some doubted it was real until Huddersfield Town played a game in it… so it must be legit, right?

The FA certainly thought so.

Though Newcastle stole some of our thunder with an even bigger joke

Never change Mike Ashley, never change.

But then we revealed it was all just an elaborate ruse.

Some took the news better than others.

And some took it a bit too well…

Steady on.

While there were others keen to join the #SaveOurShirts campaign.

Find out more about Save Our Shirt here and maybe other clubs will clear the sponsors from their kits too.

Great odds are always in style at