Dom Gall: Scotland heartbreaker shows VAR’s a step too far

VAR was supposed to make the game better. Not working out like that, is it?


Scotland are now on the next flight to Glasgow after exiting the World Cup on Wednesday night and I think I speak for all of Scotland when I say VAR needs to go away and take its face for a shite. No one likes you, you cheated us out of World Cup glory and you’re ruining our beautiful game.

There’s been a lot of debate caused by VAR in recent years and the World Cup has really reignited the argument with some, erm, odd decisions. Annoyingly they’re all against us too. While I’m not claiming it’s a conspiracy, I’m fairly certain it’s a conspiracy.

William Wallace didn’t die for this.

As you can imagine, after the shambles that was the ending of Scotland v Argentina, many Scots didn’t take it very well. We’ll start with Mark, who hasn’t held back in announcing it to be the worst refereeing performance of his life.

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Whilst Mark was angry, I think Aidan over here has topped him by being so angry he had to type in caps AND include the finger emoji two times. You can almost picture him yelling at his phone and I’ll place a bet the TV went clean out the window. You did this to us, VAR, you did this.

There are many more great tweets, most of which are too bad even for Paddy Power, and it seems we’re all too angry to work out whether we’re blaming the referee or VAR. Sod them both I say. Looking back to the penalty v England, it’s fair to say that maybe we could just blame the rules too.

That’s also a good strategy for any irate fan as they’re all stupid, especially the handball one.

When you’ve got the former captain of your centuries old rival arguing your cause, you know something is probably not right. I’m not content with just offering you Casey’s opinion though, so here’s what Charlie Adam had to say:

As a Scottish man with a love of donkeys, towers, rollercoasters and sticks of rock, there is no man better placed to be my idol than the King of Blackpool – Charlie Adam. If he says we can’t have it, then we bloody well can’t have it. Do something, FIFA.

Personally, I agree with Charlie and think that football is better without. I’d rather be sat in the pub complaining that they were offside and it’s a conspiracy against us than have to wait 10 minutes to decide if I’m allowed to celebrate a goal or not. Human error makes football what it is.

Thankfully, VAR installation costs more than the annual turnover of some Scottish clubs so once the SPFL hurries up and starts again we’ll not have any of these problems.

Whilst VAR is stupid and pointless and a waste of money and barred from every pub in Glasgow, it’s fair to say that, looking at the bigger picture, these last few weeks have been a huge success for Scottish football. It’s inspired a generation of girls across our fine land and, to finish, here’s a video of Erin Cuthbert that will probably make you want to cry.

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What do you think?