The 9 best Champions League final ‘limbs all over the shop’ celebrations ranked

Liverpool fans around the world officially lost their sh*t


It’s fair to say the 2019 Champions League final was a game for the thinking football fan – if that fan was thinking, “Wow, this is one hell of a crap match.”

In the stifling heat of Madrid, the all-Premier League showdown between Spurs and Liverpool failed to live up to pre-match expectations. Not that the Reds care, because the Mo Salah and Divock Origi goals that bookended the 90 minutes ensured the European Cup would be heading to Anfield for a sixth time. Owing to the lack of quality on the pitch, the only real action worth watching back from the showpiece final comes from the supporters. Liverpool fans around the world officially lost their sh*t – even more so than this commentator did.

We’ve ranked and rated the very best ‘limbs all over the shop’ videos from Saturday night for your viewing pleasure, so let’s get straight down to business. Just try to avoid launching your cup of water across the office in excitement – personal experience tells us that doesn’t tend to go down well.

9. Cinema screening, Liverpool

We have to admit there’s a seriously disappointing lack of popcorn throwing given this screening location. However, the banging cinema acoustics more than make up for it, and these roars will make the hairs on the back of your neck go all tingly.

8. Sports bar, Moscow

Fun fact: when celebrating 87th-minute goals to clinch Champions League glory, Russian Liverpool fans like picking up cutlery holders and waving it around in the air to celebrate. That’s what we’ve learned from the fork-ing mental bloke at the end of this clip.

7. M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool

This clip, taken just after Mo Salah’s spot-kick put the Reds in front, is sadly cut all too short. But it still confidently makes our round-up courtesy of the deafening roar from the crowd. Anyone else’s ear drums ringing?

6. Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid

You’ve always got to ask yourself why people in stadiums film the games, but we’re glad these next two lads did. First up is this side-on view of the Liverpool fans in perpetual limb motion, which is oddly hypnotic.

5. Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid

Another from inside the stadium, this time in the heart of the Liverpool end, is superb viewing. It’s limbs o’clock in a big way, especially for those who jump onto their seats at light speed. If only it was a little bit longer, we’d probably get to hear the supporters sing You’ll Never Walk Alone, which is just such a rare treat…

4. Boxpark, Croydon

The scene of many madnesses from last summer’s World Cup, Boxpark Croydon did not disappoint here either. Naturally, given its south London location, there are loads of Liverpool fans in attendance. Admittedly, the goal celebrations are relatively tame, but they pull it back with a proper run at Freed From Desire (from 4mins). RIP those pints of beer.

3. Hall screening, Liverpool

You’ll need to watch this one a few times to really appreciate the scenes. Things to look out for: the side-step dance moves of the blokes at the front; the fella struggling to take his shirt off; the disbelieving chap in the wig; and the desperate attempts to wave a little flag among the sea of total limb carnage. Magic.

2. Aintree, Liverpool

We’re not sure whether it’s the painful sunburn or relentless dehydration mixed with alcohol, but there’s something special about watching football outdoors in the summer. Liverpool fans watching on at Aintree were certainly up for it all game long, in scenes not seen at the racecourse since 100/1 Mon Mome romped to Grand National glory a decade ago.

1. Exhibition Centre, Liverpool

Now, when we mean ‘limbs all over the shop’, this is exactly what we’re talking about. An absolute sea of fans collectively losing their minds in the same split-seconds for both goals, with beers flying everywhere under a rave-worthy light show.

And people claim they’d rather watch it in the stadium. Madness.

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