Glasgow is Blue and the future looks brighter for Rangers than Celtic

Dom Gall believes Rangers have a lot about which to get excited in 2019-20

Mikael Lustig


So there you have it. Celtic have won the league – and probably the treble treble – but it’s irrelevant because Glasgow is blue and it looks like that’s how it’s going to stay.

You might be thinking that’s a bit of a joke as Celtic have dominated since 2012, however I’d be much more excited right now as a Rangers fan than a Celtic fan. The smell of 55 lingers in the air and if you listen carefully, you’ll hear the faint sound of Tina Turner in the distance.

I’ll start with the controversial one. They should have won it this year.

Two last-minute goals and a bad day at the office saw Rangers wobble in their early away games. Add on those seven points, that they really should have got, and there they are sitting top of the pile. Of course football is a game of fine margins and the title is off to Parkhead.

Gerrard’s taken six points from Celtic this season, and you can see that confidence is building at Ibrox. This is a stark contrast to Parkhead, where things aren’t looking so good. There’s a strong argument to suggest that Celtic have spiralled since Rodgers’ departure to the Premier League.

Upon arriving in Glasgow, he went almost 18 months unbeaten and teams across Scotland panicked at the very sight of green and white hoops. It’s a massive decision for the Celtic board to replace Rodgers and I’m not convinced they’ll do as well as him again.

Celtic have lost their air of invincibility and confidence and Rangers are here to take advantage of that. They’ve just remembered, after seven years of being mostly shite, that they are in fact the most successful club in the world and they’re ready to prove it.

In the blue corner, Gerrard has managed to close the gap to just six points in his first year of senior management – a million miles away from the 39 point gap in 16/17 – and he’ll only improve with time and experience.

He is of course backed by his name too. It was no small feat to lure Jermain Defoe to Glasgow and I’d bet my left leg he wouldn’t have moved north for anyone else Scotland has to offer. We’re not quite talking the level of your Laudrups or Gascoignes yet, but Rangers are attractive to big names again.

Away from those bigger names, they’re doing something right with recruitment too. Glen Kamara – who cost them less than their average fan spends on MD2020 each year – has already proven he’s probably the best midfielder to ever walk this earth. This might seem a tad excessive and if you’re thinking that, go take a look at how easily he embarrassed Scott Brown on Sunday. It was delightful to watch. Furthermore, Dundee got relegated after he left. Coincidence? I think not.

Of course, as with any league these days, what’s really important is money. When Alfredo is sold in the summer, it’s Rangers who will have lots of it. A massive lump sum in the form of a transfer fee and probably £3m saved in disciplinary fines from the SFA.

Sunday’s Old Firm proved they don’t need him and whilst he scores goals, he’s more use as a fat cheque than he is kicking people or sitting in the stands. It’s not all bad news for those who like controversy though, as Alan McGregor is ready and waiting to do something stupid at a moment’s notice.

To conclude, if you need any further convincing, Celtic’s new home kit has broken hoops. A sure sign of trouble there if ever I’ve seen one. Anyway, 2019-20 is shaping up to be a cracker and I for one cannot wait.

Chris Hughton is 5/1 to be the Celtic manager for the first league game of 2019-20

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