Watch: Messi takes the complete piss with outrageous panenka free-kick

Just because he can...


While Sergio Ramos and the rest of the world strut about after pulling off a cooly judged panenka penalty, little old Lionel Messi has taken them to a new level – his level – by pulling off an outrageous panenka free-kick in La Liga tonight.

His audacious little dink over the wall of the Espanyol players, coupled with a classy finish in the last minute gave Barca a two-nil victory over Espanyol. And that’s not all. His brace means he has scored 40 goals per season for 10 consecutive seasons. Yes, I can confirm that is over 400 goals in a decade – a phenomenal achievement.

Watch the magic below. And, ignore the keeper, who clearly had a few pints of stout before the game and needed the other post to help him stand upright.

And Lionel Messi being Lionel Messi, it’s of course not the first time he’s done such a thing. He pulled it off nine years ago against Almeria and it was even better. Just enjoy.

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