Watch: Sh*thouse Sergio Ramos smack Lionel Messi in the mush at El Clasico

The guru of gamesmanship and sh*thouse specialist Sergio Ramos was up to his old tricks again in El Clasico on Saturday night ...

He’s spent a career sh*thousing in La Liga and Sergio Ramos was up to more dastardly deeds last night against Lionel Messi in El Clasico.

And while it could be said that Lionel has left a ‘leg’ in, 25 red-cards Sergio reacted as Sergio tends to do and delivered a swift elbow to the mouth to leave the Argentine fuming. And bleeding. And probably minus another tooth.

The incident happened just before half-time and was serious enough to see Messi get all UFC 235 against his much bigger and much more experienced rival in the sh*thousing stakes.

Messi did have the last laugh though as Barca won 0-1, thanks to Ivan Rakitic’s first-half strike to moved 10 points clear at the top of the table and 12 points clear of Real.

Go sh*thouse on that Sergio!

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