Watch: Magnifique! M’barki launches injury-time winner from half-way line

It may be from the fifth tier of French football, but everyone loves a goal from the half-way line, and it's even better if it comes in injury time...


Who doesn’t love a goal from the half-way line? Keepers? Maybe. And the team that concedes it, sure, but even they have to admit it takes some huevos (google it) to pull one off.

And then, to do it in the injury time with the score at 2-2? You could make an omelette to last a month with eggs like that (I did tell you to google it).

How great a 30-day-old slab of fried chicken ovum would taste I don’t know.

Might be better to freeze it, like.

Anyway, Hassan M’barki of Sarreguemines, plugging away down the ladder of the French football league, will snare a moment in the limelight this weekend because he had the audacity/stupidity/greed to fire an effort at Epernay’s goal from half the length of the field with the game level and deep into injury-time.

The keeper’s off his line at

Merci to L’Equipe for posting the footage.

Just imagine how many times lads have tried that and hit the corner flag, their teammates cursing and opponents laughing as they avoid eye-contact with their seething manager on the touchline.

It’s absolute madness really, but the result here was c’est magnifique! What a goal.

Hit one in from the half-way line with

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