Watch: Keeper scores bizarre own goal in clearance calamity

We've seen plenty of keeper cock-ups in our time, but this one from Serie B takes the garibaldi biscuit. What was he trying to do?!


This is a weird one.

With their game against Benevento tied at 0-0 a couple of minutes into the second-half, Salernitana suffered one of the freakiest own goals you’ll ever see.

Goalkeeper Alessandro Micai, under no pressure from any attackers, sidles out of his goal towards a Roberto Insigne (yes, Lorenzo’s bro) cross that he could catch in his sleep… and then slaps the ball into his own goal.

Just… What?!?!

Far be it from us to suggest that anything dodgy has ever happened in Italian football, but we can’t remember seeing a goal quite as odd before.

The game finished 1-0 and pushed Benevento up into third spot in the race for Serie A promotion, three points from the top of the division.

Hmmmm… Can the Dubious Goals Committee review this?

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