The Rebound: Liverpool ‘looking into’ construction of windproof tent at Anfield

Klopp is said to be demanding the resources necessary to ensure Liverpool's title run isn't blown off course...


After Liverpool were dumped out of the FA Cup by Wolves thanks to the massive gusts of wind blowing fiercely across Molineux, Jurgen Klopp ordered his superiors to find a solution to the problem of “elemental vulnerability”.

The Rebound understands the German approached chairman Tom Werner immediately after the match, demanding that he be given the windproofing resources necessary to ensure Liverpool don’t let the Premier League title slip.

A source close to Klopp told us last night, “Jurgen was furious after the FA Cup game. ‘Our entire season depends on my boys being able to operate breeze-free,’ he said to me.

“So he marched into Big Tommy W’s office shouting about Gore-Tex and tightly woven lightweight fabrics. I think he wants a massive marquee to be put up over Anfield, or at least a roof built over the stadium.”

This morning, The Rebound reached out to another source close to the Liverpool manager, who said, “Werner seems to have taken on board Klopp’s complaints.

“He has hired several contractors to examine the possibility of some sort of mobile anti-wind marquee being erected on the Anfield Road, which will be fully retractable and will stretch over to a set of moorings on Walton Breck Road. These are the guys who worked on White Hart Lane, so we’re confident they’ll be able to deliver all this in a prompt and efficient manner.

“Thanks to the naturally light materials used in windproof items, the club will also be able to pack up the entire apparatus and transport it on the team bus to away matches. Klopp and Werner are confident that this will negate the unfair advantage other teams have of being totally immune to bad weather conditions.

“Because of Liverpool’s absolutely amazing and unique style of play, the wind only affects them and not their opponents, which I’m sure you’ll agree is probably the result of a far-reaching conspiracy to keep the club down.”

Additionally, Klopp has requested kit-staff “fully explore” the idea of miniature grass-cutting devices being fitted to his players’ boots in order to avoid them being hampered by the 9mm-long grass sometimes foisted upon them by negative, long-ball teams like Manchester City.

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