Fans having none of Martin Tyler’s claims to be a Woking fan

Football supporters have often wondered where Martin Tyler’s allegiances lie and despite his continued claims to love Woking, they still don’t believe him…

Let’s be clear from the start: if you read any past interview with Martin Tyler he has been consistent in his answer to the question of what football team he supports.

Sky Sports’ lead commentator will tell anyone who will listen that he has been Woking FC supporter “all his life” and went to his first game in the year 1953.

Being the voice of the Premier League for many people growing up, Tyler does an incredible job in conveying the emotion and excitement the league makes people feel. However, his passion for the game hasn’t spared him from accusations of being biased towards teams in the top tier, especially a certain red one from Manchester.

Yes, we all remember that Martial moment, Martin!

Tyler was taking part in a quite informative Q&A for his employers on the Sky Sports Premier League Twitter account today and of course THAT question reared its ugly head once more:

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No matter how hard he tries though, it seems football fans are just not willing to accept the answer and the Manchester United theories flew in once more:

Things got a little weird after that…

Of course, we were on hand to ask the questions that really matter:

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