Watch: What a hit Wazza! It’s easy-DC for Rooney as he strikes from 30 yards

Man United's record scorer Wayne Rooney slammed home another goal for his MLS side last night with a long-distance free-kick you won't forget in a hurry...


Wayne Rooney is clearly loving life in the US – and it’s not just cos of the many delicious fast food eateries.

He’s been banging in goals like your average Joe Sixpack gulps down “brewskis” (that’s beer to you and me) since he signed for Washington’s DC United back in the summer, with 10 goals in 18 matches following his switch stateside.

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Though the US capital may be known for the stream of bullsh*t that flows from many of residents, Man United’s record goal scorer wasn’t putting up with any nonsense when he stepped up to hit an 18th minute free-kick against Toronto.

Thank you and have a nice day to the MLS youtube channel for sharing this belter:

Woof, what a scorcher.

The ex-England skipper’s made a big splash since crossing the pond, lifting his new team from the lower rungs of the MLS to sixth place in the Eastern conference and a likely playoff spot.

Wazza’s already shown he’s willing to put in the hard yards in DC’s cause with his amazing tackle and assist in the dying seconds against Orlando earlier in the campaign too.

He can indulge in all the cheese-slathered extra-portions of Yankee deep-fried goodness he if he keep playing like this.

Hit a screamer from 30 yards with’s football odds

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