Paul Ince: Liverpool look like a trophy-winning side

Former Liverpool player Paul Ince says Reds fans are right to be excited – they look like title-winners for the first time in years…


I can sense that Liverpool’s game against PSG could be one of those games that lives long in the memory.

That’s because it felt like a turning point, especially in the Champions League.

You could sense that the fans were up for it just as much as the players and the manager. The total opposite of PSG – they played like they were on the beach! But Liverpool flew out of the stalls, they showed that they wanted it, like they have since the season began.

Obviously, when they went 2-2, it was jittery. But it takes true winners to get those all-important goals in the dying minutes of the game.

That’s where champions are made!

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You’re seeing a title-winning side

It’s not all about three or four nil wins. Sometimes it’s those tough, hard to grind out results, like their away game at Leicester.

That’s how you know you’re seeing a title-winning side.

Titles are won when you don’t necessarily play well – but still come out with three points. That’s like the teams I played in when I was at Manchester United.

A lot of teams would’ve settled for a point and a draw at home to PSG, but Jurgen Klopp wanted to get the winner and go full throttle. That’s impressive and frightening for their opponents.

It shows the mindset of Liverpool this campaign, they won’t take no for an answer.

You could sense the frustration and anger when they conceded two, but they still got that goal when they needed it most.

Liverpool fans are right to be excited. There are a lot of positive signals coming out of the club at the minute.

For the first time in a long time, people you speak to are fancying them to win the title.

I can’t see anyone coming close to them and Man City to be honest.

The signs look great for trophies, the best they’ve looked in years and fans should be feeling very hopeful.

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