John Gibbons: There’s no more nice nights at Anfield for anyone anymore

Our resident Liverpool-lover John Gibbons assesses a statement victory for The Reds over Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League…


Are Liverpool going to win forever? It is quite possible that Liverpool might just win forever, you know. This was meant to be the tough set of fixtures, a “nightmare run” for Liverpool.

Instead we’re conquering capital cities like Napoleon. Paris and London sent their best and we sent them packing. Keep them coming, who’ve you got to throw at us next? Southampton? All the best.

Liverpool were great last night from one-11. The world’s most expensive players made to look average by pressing, harrying and relentlessness.

The Reds defended in packs and attacked in waves. PSG could have rescued a draw, but they would have scarcely deserved it, despite what their manager might tell you. The right result was secured by the best Brazilian on the pitch, even with one eye. What a finish, what a player.

A lot of the talk in the build-up was of PSG’s front three, but Liverpool kept them largely quiet all game, a smart finish from Mbappe aside.

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Much of the credit for that goes to both full backs, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson, who must be pound for pound the best in the game. They attacked every one-on-one battle with relish.

But also to a midfield who simply refused to let Paris have anything their own way. If you haven’t spent your morning watching James Milner tackle Neymar on repeat, then frankly you’ve wasted it. I’ve put two hours aside this evening to do it again.

If I sound jubilant it is because I am. Liverpool fans have every right to be right now. How the team have bounced back from a heartbreaking defeat in Kiev so triumphantly deserves praise.

There has been no hangover, only positivity.

Klopp’s men have taken all of the energy and none of the negativity of the run to the Champions League final, and turned it into win after win, after win.

Liverpool seems like a great place to play football right now. It’s certainly a great place to watch it.

But I didn’t find myself thinking about Kiev last night, or even last season in general. I thought about the last time we were in the Champions League before that – 2014-15 under Brendan Rodgers.

When, after years of waiting to get back in the Champions League, we went out in the group stages with a whimper.

That was the year Rodgers took a reserve team to the Bernabeu, prioritising the following league game against Chelsea, and lost both. But the home game against Real Madrid annoyed me far more.

When Liverpool rolled out the red carpet and fans took pictures as the team in white strutted round Anfield like they owned the place, and left with a three-nil win.

I remember thinking that night only two players, Phil Coutinho and Raheem Sterling, looked anywhere near the level of the opposition.

After all the positives of the season before, it was a massive reality check. We couldn’t lay a glove on them. No one even looked that interested in doing so.

Last night a team as talented as that Madrid one came to Anfield, but there was no inferiority complex.

No nice evening for opposition superstars to showboat. Liverpool were in their faces from the start, determined to be the ones who showed how good they were.

This time thirteen players looked equal if not better than their opposite number.

We call ourselves European Royalty due to our five European Cups, yet for most of the last decade, we haven’t been invited to the banquet, and when we have, like 2014-15, we were nowhere near the top table.

But no longer, thanks to Jurgen Klopp, and the swagger he has installed in players and fans. Last night was just one win, but concrete proof that last season was no fluke.

No more nice nights at Anfield for anyone.

The Reds are a European force again and we might just win forever.

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