The Rebound: Spurs stadium move delayed due to ‘tired’ builders

Sources are blaming the construction company's failure to sign new staff in key positions...


A source close to the construction company responsible for the building of Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium has criticised the firm’s management for their failure to invest in new signings.

The board were seemingly unwilling to splash out on additional resources in key positions over the summer, leaving the site’s foreman, Maurice Pearson, to make do with exactly the same staff who were already on the books.

“Johnny Heckles was available in June on a Builder’s Bosman,” claimed the source. “He’s one of the best carpenters in Europe and would have really helped shore up our creaky staircases. Billy Firmbottom was interested in coming as well, but the management wouldn’t pay his wages – imagine the improvement in welding quality had they put their hands into their pockets. It’s disgusting.”

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As it is, the company must press on with what it has, with the board apparently believing that a previously high-achieving workforce can simply continue to thrive without any need for rest or recovery.

But it’s not quite working out that way. High-profile staff such as lead electrician Henry Corn and banksman Danny Alley have looked exhausted onsite in recent months.

Corn, in particular, has appeared to be a man completely out of energy, partly due to his recent exploits at the World Electricity Championships, where he won the Golden Spark award for most plug-sockets installed.

“Yeah, I’m f*cking shattered to be honest mate,” Corn told a journalist last week. “But what can I do? If I take a day off, the place goes to sh*t.”

According to The Rebound’s insider, patience with the board is beginning to run low.

Pearson is rumoured to be making eyes at other, more free-spending construction firms, while big name foreign stars could easily be tempted away from a company that, infamously, pays less than other local businesses. If this happens, further delays are likely to occur.

Unless the upper echelons begin to get their act together, things may only go from bad to worse.

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