Full Tweet W*nkers: Keys just won’t let go of the ‘throw-in coach’ stuff

On this week's Full Tweet W*nkers, it's Keys v Gronnemark Part 102, while Danny Baker thinks the game is being 'killed'


Some of FTW’s bankers let us down this week.

Piers Morgan was suspiciously quiet, as were Neil Custis and ‘Lord Sugar’, while good old Duncan Castles appears to have battened down the hatches these days and rarely tweets anything other than links to his columns.

Seriously, lads, have you no consideration for people trying to use your infamy and wild unpopularity for clicks?

Still, unlike these fairweather FTW*nkers, some old reliables were reliably old, as ever.

He just can’t let it go, can he? Keys just will *not* have the notion of a ‘throw-in coach’, even if nearly everyone else in the entire world has made their peace with it.

Thankfully, a master-banterman like Keys is capable of finding humour in everything.

Hilarious. The joke’s definitely not getting old, Richie.

Oh, and while we’re on this particularly timeline:

Wonder who that could be aimed at?

Meanwhile over at The-World-Was-Better-In-My-Day HQ, Danny Baker had a relatively rant-free weekend, but still managed to drop in a textbook ‘the game’s gone, pal’ tweet:

To be fair to Danny, he’s right to suggest that ‘Maurinho’ and Man United are currently practicing stultifyingly dull football, but teams have been doing that since the game began. Helenio Herrera’s catenaccio didn’t kill the game, and neither will Mourinho’s.

Speaking of United, we took a brief trip into the world of Goldbridge – who, again, we have to reiterate, is one of the best accounts on Twitter at the moment – and he didn’t disappoint.

Ok Mark, point taken. But United are currently 8th, below both Arsenal and Spurs, have looked inferior to both and lost to the latter.

And yet, Mark’s not the only one thinking the Gunners look a bit ropey, despite already winning almost as many away games in the league as they did in the entirety of the previous season:

Strange. Arsenal have looked a completely different team this year.

Perhaps Le Grove hasn’t been watching them. You’d have to hope so, because if he has, there’s evidence to suggest he doesn’t really comprehend what’s going on in front of his eyes. Oh, and it’s September.

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