WATCH: Referee awards ‘ghost goal’ as ball goes through side of the net

Not the first time we've seen this...


A few weeks ago, a Peruvian referee made headlines after reversing his decision to award a goal in a Copa Peru match.

Having checked a photographer’s camera during the game between FC Retamoso and Auquiato de Pampamarca, the official realised the ball had in fact gone through a hole in the net.

Justice was served on that occasion, but how Dutch side VV Goes could have used similar openness to correction on the part of the referee who took charge of their recent Dutch Cup match against VV Staphorst.

It all went down when, after rounding the VV Goes keeper, a Staphorst forward skewed the ball wide despite being presented with an open goal. The forward held his head in anguish at what he’d done, but was then pleasantly surprised to find the ref had given it.

Even after consultation with the assistant referee, the goal was allowed to stand, despite clearly having gone wide of the post and through a hole in the side-net.

You be the judge as to whether or not this ought to have stood:

Oh and by the way, isn’t someone supposed to check for those kinds of holes before the match starts?

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