Two ways Spurs can instantly improve their embarrassing honours board

Spurs’ starring World Cup players are back at the training ground, but something else at their plush complex has been capturing everyone’s attention...


Refreshed and revitalised from their summer breaks, the contingent of Tottenham’s squad who made it to the latter stages of the World Cup are now back in training – just in time for the start of the new Premier League season.

For the North Londoners, that includes the tournament’s victorious captain Hugo Lloris, Golden Boot striker Harry Kane, plus the likes of Kieran Trippier, Danny Rose, Eric Dier and Jan Vertonghen.

As is the norm these days – with all those social channels that demand #content – their every movement was caught on the club’s cameras.

This included their first arrival back at Hotspur Way: has the latest football odds for the new season

Clearly, Spurs’ intentions behind the video was to ramp up fans’ excitement ahead of the new season, perhaps with a bit of “look how many we had out in Russia…” bragging thrown in for good measure.

But, it’s not quite gone that way on social media.

Instead, all the the focus has been on the blindingly bright blue Spurs honours board the players have to walk past every morning at the training ground.

Specifically, the (lack of) contents on it:

As you’d expect, this astute observation immediately prompted plenty of ribbing of the club’s recent fortunes from rival fans.

What a way to dampen spirits ahead of the new season, eh? But listen up, Tottenham – it doesn’t have to be this way.

Being the helpful problem solvers that we are, we’ve put together two possible plans of action to instantly improve that excuse of an honours board…

Plan A: Stop being modest and add in all the other silverware

Clearly, any purported “big” club worth their salt would’ve won more than just the one simple board’s worth of honours. And so it is the case with Spurs: a quick investigation into their history reveals they’ve won more than they’re letting on. A lot more.

We’ve handpicked some of their most eye-catching silverware we feel they should include to beef up that bare roll of honour. This includes:

  • Norwich Charity Cup Winners: 1919/1920
  • Norwich Hospital Charity Cup Winners: 1946/1947, 1949/1950 (joint)
  • Ipswich Hospital Charity Cup Winners: 1951/1952 (joint)
  • Costa Del Sol Tournament Winners: 1965, 1966
  • Nolia Cup (Sweden) Winners: 1977
  • Japan Cup Winners: 1979
  • Sun International Challenge Trophy (Swaziland) Winners: 1983
  • Peace Cup (Korea) Winners: 2005

Quite the haul, eh? And before you ask, we are 100% not making this up – if you don’t believe us, just check out their official website for yourself.

We suggest it’s time for the North London club to stop being so modest and be upfront about their immense past glories.

Plan B: Include memorable recent achievements instead

Even if Spurs were to proceed with adding in their many trophies from the past, their honours board will still look out of date given they’ve won nothing since the 2008 League Cup.

So why not add in some of the remarkable things one of the most talented squads in their history has achieved in recent years?

There’s been lots to shout about…

Finishing third in a two horse race – 2015/16

It’s not easy to do this, but Tottenham managed it in spectacular fashion as their end-of-season collapse handed Leicester the title and eventually gifted second place to Arsenal. It would be hard for any club to repeat such a feat.

Put the pressure on Chelsea – 2016/17

Despite looking as if they would run away with the title, Chelsea’s gap at the top of the table was pegged back slightly by a bit of Spurs pressure in the spring. Although it was ultimately all in vain as they finished seven points behind their London rivals, at least they finished above Arsenal for the first time in 22 years. Swings and roundabouts.

Beat Real Madrid 3-1 – 2017/18 

The laws of the playground dictate that whoever beats the champions is the new best in class. So the dispatching Champions League holders Real Madrid basically made Tottenham the-then best team on the continent. Surely you’d want future generations to be reminded of that?

Premier League attendance record – 2017/18

When 83,222 packed into Wembley to see their 1-0 “home” win against rivals Arsenal, the Premier League attendance record was shattered. Which is every bit as good as a trophy, if you ask us.

As a new season dawns, it’s not positive for Tottenham to be once again being ridiculed for their lack of suppose success. Maybe with this particular honours board they’re trying to not heap on extra pressure on their current crop on a day-to-day basis? We’re not sure.

One thing’s for certain, though: the sooner Spurs take our advice or, you know, actually win a trophy, the quicker everyone can focus once more on what’s happening on the pitch.

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