John Gibbons: Alisson signing will prove Liverpool have moved up the pecking order

Our resident writer on the Reds looks at what the signing of Alisson Becker means for Liverpool and some of the deadwood Jurgen Klopp needs to clear…


I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the red team in Liverpool are currently splashing the cash. A world record fee for a goalkeeper, following a world record fee for a defender in January.

Get out the way PSG, there are some new high rollers in town!

I’m not sure if our owners Fenway Sports Group have realised only giving a manager what he can raise through sales and a curly-wurly each transfer window meant be might be connected to not winning any trophies.

Or the British Pound has fallen to such an extent that 70 odd million quid is the equivalent of a sandwich in Boston now, so they are not that bothered. But, either way it’s most welcome!

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It’s also a bit of a statement. The club have reacted to a goalkeeping howler in the Champions League by going out and getting one of the best fellas about.

You can tell how good he is by the number of “AS IF ALLISON WILL GO TO LIVERPOOL” tweets that Chelsea fans are currently rushing to delete. Like the Pokemons that were on the streets for a strange time, if you hurry you just might still catch a few.

Liverpool still need to get it over the line, and there might be a Fekir-style twist in the tale. But, it is still another top player who Liverpool have persuaded to join them in the face of plenty of competition.

For those of us who remember being turned down by Clint Dempsey, possibly twice, it’s a real demonstration of Liverpool’s current status in world football.

We’ll still probably need one or two more if we want to challenge Manchester City for the title. However, we’ve certainly stolen a march on the other likely contenders.

I’m not sure if all the clubs have realised that the transfer window closes early this summer. Which is a bit daft as they voted for it.

Chelsea have got Jorginho in front of Man City, but little else, Manchester United have signed Fred and a full back who’s injured, Spurs are quieter than their new stadium will be and Everton haven’t bought anyone. And I don’t know if anyone watched Everton last season, but they could really do with some new players.

Especially as their top scorer has left saying he didn’t want to be a “dead weight”. If your top scorer is a dead weight, I’m not sure what it says about the rest of them.

For Liverpool the bigger questions are probably now around who you keep.

A couple of young players have recently left on loan and Oxlade-Chamberlain has been pretty much ruled out for the season, which is heartbreaking for a lad who was really starting to fulfil his promise at Liverpool.

But even with those losses, you feel that the current Liverpool squad is a few too many.

Even without the likes of Sarah, Mane and the rest of the World Cup crew, Liverpool are still able to field two different sides in their pre-season friendlies so far.

Once more return, there simply won’t be enough shirts to go around.

So, when the music stops, who’ll be left without a locker in the changing room?

Well Danny Ings has already talked about calling it quits and trying to resurrect his career elsewhere, which is probably wise. Sheyi Ojo and Ben Woodburn will probably go on loan, and Alberto Moreno will outlast us all.

But, in the absence of last year’s starting three, Daniel Sturridge and Divock Origi probably need to have made more of the summer game time than they have.

Sturridge got everyone excited with a stylish brace at Chester before we all realised what league Chester were in now and normal, slightly slower than it used to be, service resumed at Tranmere and Bury.

It is really hard to remember just how high Divock Origi’s stock was when he was scoring home and away against Borussia Dortmund in Liverpool’s run to the Europa League Final a couple of years ago.

Now he looks a shadow of a player and quite how long Klopp will persist with him in the hope that player is still in there, I don’t know.

My bet is only one of the two to still be at Anfield come the first day of the season, and who it is might depend on how the good the offers are for each.

FSG will presumably want to claw some of their money back after all, even if they are currently strutting round like Rockefeller.

But don’t worry lads. Now you’ve got a new ‘keeper in, I’m sure the big offers for Karius and Mignolet are just round the corner…. Lads?

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