Sven: England missed a golden opportunity for World Cup glory

Sven-Goran Eriksson says the team should be happy with how they performed in Russia, but this was a missed opportunity to win the World Cup....

England will never have a better chance to win the World Cup than this year. It was a golden opportunity – they didn’t have a difficult run.

When they scored against Croatia, and for a long time after, it looked like England would win one-nil. You couldn’t see Croatia scoring, they weren’t very good.

Until then, I would’ve bet anything on England going to the final, but suddenly Croatia equalised and completely took over.

It was like England died. They went totally down. That goal changed everything.

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It’s hard to know what happened to England after that. Were they tired? Were they nervous? Were they shocked? It was a different England from then. I think something happened in their heads.

They looked worried, they were missing passes and things like that. That’s a mental thing, I suppose.

Too much expectation is a real danger for England

If I was English, I would be very happy with the semi final.

It’s such a long time since they got that far. Also, the team is so young, if you keep them together and keep working with them, they should be even better at the next Euros and World Cup.

But, now, they need to make sure the expectations are not too big for the next tournament. It might be seen that now they have to win it, and then you’re back where you started, with massive pressure on them.

That’s a real danger for this team – too much expectation too soon.

Despite criticism, Raheem was Sterling

Raheem Sterling gets a lot of criticism, but his first half against Croatia was his best of the World Cup.

He was brilliant. He created a lot of problems and was always dangerous.

Sterling had a great tournament. You’d wish his end-product would be a little better, but he has everything up until then, and he’s been very good.

I suppose he was tired, and that why he was taken off despite creating a lot of problems and always being dangerous.

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