Paddy Power’s World Cup 2018 gender switch football quiz

Our gender switch quiz is back for the World Cup!


Last season we bought you our “Paddy Power’s terrifying and occasionally alluring gender switch football quiz” and in celebration of Russia 2018 we’ve decided to create a World Cup edition.

We’ve taken 15 familiar footballing faces from this Summer’s tournament and ran their head-shots through the wonderful “FaceApp” app, which processes the faces, and morphs them into female form. See how many of the 15 you can guess correctly. If you need any help, just click the head in question to reveal their true identities.

Roberto Firmino

Female Bobby Firmino looks like a supply teacher. She’ll hold it together for the first couple of lessons, but will break down when the 6th formers start flicking ink at her during maths. Solid start!

Harry Maguire

Yeah, there’s no hiding that jawline, no matter how much make-up you slap on. Maguire looks like a big headed brute regardless of gender.

Kevin De Bruyne

Another wholesome, fresh-faced look from Man City’s midfield maestro, whose female form has the look of an 80s pop star.

Son Heung-min

South Korea’s Son Heung-min becomes a sultry babe when you run his face through the app. I suppose switching genders is certainly one way for Son to dodge the draft back home.

Sergio Ramos

Lovely Sergio would sooner break your heart than your collarbone. His long, flowing blonde locks hide the bastard deep within.

Ivan Rakitic

I’m pretty sure I went to school with Barcelona’s Croatian midfield magician. She was better at football than me as well.

Sadio Mane

Female Sadio has the fresh-faced look of a children’s TV presenter about her. Lovely stuff!

Marcos Rojo

Don’t mess with Ms Rojo. She looks like she would be a feirce fighter and a definite hair-puller. You’d be on your arse with a broken jaw in a matter of seconds.

Paul Pogba

What have you done with your hair today Miss Pogba? She looks great, right? Look at the cheekbones on her!

Javier Hernadez

I would put money on Javier Hernandez’ mum looking EXACTLY like this. A solid, wholesome look about her.

Mo Salah

Now way! If Oprah Winfrey and Diana Ross had a child together, it would look like female Mo Salah. That perm is FABULOUS!

Matts Hummels

Wowza. She looks like a dreamy, Latina popstar who had 3 smash hit singles in the 1990s before marrying… errr, Matt Hummels.

Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen looks impossibly healthy here. She looks like she plays on the Women’s PGA or is on tour with the LTA. Regardless of gender, Eriksen is world class.

Edinson Cavani

To be honest, the goatee isn’t helping Edinson here. I was expecting his long hair and striking cheekbones to morph into a beautiful female form, but really he just looks like an older, weathered version of himself.

James Rodriguez

Ah lovely James looks great here. Fresh-faced and smiling, as though she’s just won the 2014 Golden Boot.

What do you think?