Ranking the eight best ‘limbs all over the shop’ fan celebrations from England v Tunisia

Fans celebrating is a superb spectacle, as perfectly highlighted by England’s during their opening World Cup game. Here’s very best clips of supporters officially losing the plot…


If anyone says to you that they love watching a terribly dull 0-0 draw, they are a liar.

Let’s be honest: the only properly good thing about football is goals and the minute or two of going completely berserk after the ball hits the back of the net.

Celebrating a goal – ideally very late and important ones – is an indescribably good feeling.

Out of nowhere, you suddenly lose all inhibitions, whatever you happen to have in your hands goes flying… and there are limbs all over the shop.

England fans across the country experienced that feeling at around 8:45pm last Monday night, when Harry Kane’s 91st minute header secured a vital 2-1 win over Tunisia.

Second to being involved in such moments is watching them back and seeing how others lost the plot. With that in mind, we’ve ranked and reviewed eight of the best from last week’s dramatic encounter.

Brace yourself for some absolute scenes to get you in the mood for the rest of the Three Lions’ World Cup campaign.

8. The Dolphin Inn, Bristol

First things first: somebody badly needs to add the Stone Cold Steve Austin entrance after that first glass smashes. Other points to note here in Bristol is the chap in the 1998 England kit losing his sh*t and the fella who dances the tango with his chair, but the real highlight comes when they break into song.

7. Last Days of Shoreditch, London

It’s good to know that this edgy corner of the capital still cares about football as much as they do about serving drinks in jam jars. On that note, have £8 cups of beer ever been launched this high in the air in previous recorded human history?!

6. Walkabout, Sheffield

Strong quality limbs all over the shop in Sheffield. The roar is loud and maintains its decibel level for the duration of the video, but what really makes this moment is the pub DJ hitting play on Vindaloo as soon as Kane strikes. Lovely touch.

5. George Staples, Sidcup

We’re right in the thick of it with this clip, almost as if we are jumping around with them. What stands out in this how, against all the odds, the light somehow remains attached to the ceiling. Spare a thought for whoever had to clear up the mess after closing time, though – it must’ve been a late night.

4. The Royal Enfield, Redditch

What a moment this is to witness. To a man, this packed-out pub is already dancing around to the tune of “Let’s go f*cking mental” when England score, which just adds to the wild celebrations. Big bonus points are awarded for the “Go on!” shout just before the goal, which neatly cues up the pandemonium that’s about to unfold.

3. O2 Academy, Leeds

A short and sweet video from Leeds, but you feel as if the bounce and limb flailing probably went on for hours. On top of the deafening roar and beer dousing, this is towards the top of this list courtesy of the smoke and rave lights that accompany the celebrations. It went off after the game too…

2. BOXPARK, Croydon

With a million views to date, the celebrations at BOXPARK in Croydon lit up social media for very good reason with relentless cheering and top quality surging aplenty. Do also note that everyone kept their health and safety hats on by being careful with fans on the tables. How nice.

1. Volgograd Arena, Russia

Of course, there is nothing better than actually being there. So to witness a goal of that importance, that late in the game, that far away from home, you can understand how crazy it went. Before you ask, no – we don’t know why he keeps filming himself, and yes, it is a bit weird. But this video takes us right to the heart of football celebrations, and what a moment it is.

RIP to all those lovely pints…

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