Petit: I could never see Arsene Wenger at Real Madrid

Zizou shocked us all by quitting after the Champions League final. Arsene Wenger's been talked of as a replacement, but Manu says he'd never take the job...


I don’t believe that Wenger could ever end up at Real Madrid. Why? Because he’s had the opportunity at least three times before.

For his own reasons he decided to stay at Arsenal each time, so I don’t see why he would change his mind about that now, even though he’s no longer at the club.

Also, this is not the word I would use, but Arsene does have a reputation in Spain for losing, largely because of the Champions League.

The way he would want to manage a club is not the way things work at Madrid either. It is a very political club. The pressure, the way the president is always involved, he wouldn’t have the freedom he had at Arsenal.

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So I don’t think he would be a fit for the Real Madrid job.

There was some speculation in France around Paris St Germain as a destination for him, but now they have Thomas Tuchel as coach, so it’s hard to know where he could go next as a manager.

What I do know is that, at PSG, what’s been missing is authority and respect for the institution. Many Paris players didn’t show respect to the club throughout the season.

Wenger would certainly help bring that into the club.

I hope he will stay in the game. With his knowledge, his experience, his vision, his honesty, a man with his qualities is very rare in football, and we need Arsena Wenger to stay in football. He is good for the game.

Zidane blessed by God

Wenger might like the France job, but, after leaving Madrid, Zinedine Zidane wouldn’t have to do much work to get it because the French public would love him to be manager one day.

I’ve no doubt Didier Deschamps would’ve felt the pressure on him build when Zidane quit. He knows how the press will react if things don’t go well at the World Cup.

If he were to ever get the opportunity, Zidane would deserve it of course.

France’s 98 champion and former football player Zinedine Zidane (C) arrives on the pitch on August 8, 2010 to play a charity football match opposing the 1998 world champions and a European select side at La Beaujoire stadium in Nantes, western France. The match aims to raise funds for victims of severe flooding and the violent ‘Xynthia’ windstorms, which crossed western Europe in late February 2010 and which hit France particularly hard. AFP PHOTO FRANK PERRY (Photo credit should read FRANK PERRY/AFP/Getty Images)

I’m quite surprised by what he’s done as a manager with Madrid, but it’s exactly like he was on the pitch as a player.

He just does things that human beings cannot do. Sometimes I feel like great indivisuals like Zinedine are blessed by God. Everything he touches turns to gold.

It can bring jealousy from others. ‘Why always him?’ but it’s because he’s got charisma, knowledge, and great intelligence.

I always say if you want to be a great manager, personality and charisma is something you cannot learn.

When you have players like Ronaldo and Ramos in your team, they’ve won everything. Zinedine Zidane comes into the dressing room, those guys can look at him straight in the eyes. They know the player he was.

Zidane is a shy guy, but he’s always open to everyone. He’s not the guy who’s going to talk to everyone, all the time. Even after we won the World Cup he was still shy. He talks only when he has to talk.

For me, that’s the perfect way to be understood if you’re a manager or a player.

The best example is set by people who show the way things have to be done. That’s what Zidane does and what makes him so great.

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