Paul Ince: Real Madrid should be worried about Liverpool, not the other way around

The former Liverpool captain says the Reds are the most attractive Premier League team for new signings and will challenge for the title next season...


Liverpool deserve to be in the Champions League final because they’ve taken risks. They’ve not been conservative and they’ve consistently stayed true to their style of play.

After their win against Manchester City, we really saw a statement of intent from them – I think deep down everybody expected City to win it – but Liverpool humiliated them.

Going into the final, in my eyes, Real Madrid should be worried about Liverpool and not the other way around.

Jurgen Klopp’s side beat the best side in the competition in Man City and have consistently looked like the top performers.

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If you take Cristiano Ronaldo out of their team, they don’t have anything to fear.

We’re talking about a Ronaldo of old here, he’s a great goal scorer and an incredible player, but he can be blocked out of a game.

Real should be much more worried about Mo Salah, and Liverpool’s attacking players as a whole.

Klopp’s team has the mentality Man United used to have

Klopp will know that his side will leak goals. Let’s be frank, they always do.

But he has that philosophy that Man United of old had, which is if you score two, that’s fine, we’ll go ahead and score three. I’d say after watching the FA Cup Final, United fans wish they still had that mentality now.

He knows that come Saturday night, Read Madrid will score. But he’ll be confident in the fact Liverpool will score even more. These players have been doing it every week and creating countless chances per game.

Compare that to a United game where they’re struggling to create two or three chances, you can bet Klopp’s team would create more than Jose Mourinho’s did against Chelsea last week.

One thing that might benefit Liverpool is that there are no egos in the team, too. As much as Salah is outstanding, he’s not full of himself and he brings a balance to the team.

When you look at Real Madrid, there’s Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Sergio Ramos and Karim Benzema. If things aren’t going well, they will throw their toys out of the pram.

If things aren’t going well for the Reds, I’m confident they will have the fighting spirit and will play as a team rather than individuals.

The Reds can win on Saturday – and win the league next season

When people ask whether Liverpool can do it? I think they’re crazy, of course they can. Yes, they’re the underdog, but they know to win a European trophy better than most. They won’t get a better chance to win it than they will on Saturday night.

If they lift the trophy, teams like Man United, Man City, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal will be feeling seriously worried and seriously embarrassed ahead of next season.

As a player, would you prefer to go a team where they’re playing the kind of football Klopp is and winning the Champions League? Of course you would.

You’d much prefer that to going to Man United where they’re playing boring, negative football.

Most people I speak to say the title next season is going to be between Manchester City and Liverpool – and I believe that says it all in terms of where Klopp’s vision is going and the position he has the club in at the minute.

What’s more, I know fans will be worried about losing Salah. But I believe Anfield was the place where he reinvented himself this season, and Salah owes Liverpool as much, if not more, then they owe him. He should challenge himself to bag another 30 or 40 goals next season, before considering moving on to somewhere else.

Those clubs will still be there.

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