Mark Lawrenson: Klopp won’t worry about losing Salah, even if the Egyptian leaves

Former Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson thinks that every player has his price, even ones that seem as indispensable as Mohamed Salah...


At the World Cup, Mohamed Salah is playing with an average team in Egypt, so they shouldn’t go particularly far, and that means he won’t get too much more attention there.

Jurgen Klopp has already said he’s going nowhere. But if somebody offers £150m for Salah you have to think about it because players are bought and sold and they all have a value. Certainly, Liverpool wouldn’t want to sell him, and Klopp’s said he’s not for sale, but Suarez wasn’t for sale, Coutinho wasn’t for sale. These things change.

Klopp would like to agree a deal but let him stay for another year so you’ve got plenty of time to look around and try to get a replacement.

Every team, with the possible exception of Manchester City, has to sell players. Liverpool have to consider offers if they come in. And it’s worth mentioning that Liverpool sold Suarez and recovered, they’ve sold Coutinho and actually look better. It’s just something you have to deal with.

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Klopp understand players as well. Some players will want to go and play for Madrid or Barcelona if the offers keep coming in. But he tries to get them believing that Liverpool can be playing at that level, which they have been doing for the past few months.

And Liverpool are trying to strengthen too.

They’ve got Naby Keita coming from Leipzig, who looks a very good player and brings even more competition in midfield. I’m sure there’ll be a few more signings over the summer, and they’ll have made a shed-load of money from the Champions League run this year.

Klopp can improve players too. That’s what he’s been doing in his time at Liverpool – he’s made Mane better, he’s made Salah better, he’s made Firmino, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Robertson better, all of a sudden the keepers look better. It’s the sign of a really top manager.

From his time at Dortmund, he doesn’t get angry about players if they want to move on. He knows that one day there’ll be a phonecall that some bigger team wants one of his players. He’ll have been sickened losing players to Bayern Munich, but he just got on with it.

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