Watch: This captain takes no prisoners with flying kick on opponent

Sure it's only a scratch lads, what's the problem here?.....


‘You’ll grow up fast playing in that league’, says yer Da – every time he’s complaining about how soft football has gone these days.

Well, they’re a hardy bunch over in the Primera B Nacional in Argentina. Mid table outfits Los Andes and Brown de Adrogue faced off with the former lying one spot behind, trying to close the gap on their rivals to one point.

Well, they did so with a two nil victory, but the game wasn’t without controversy. On the 30 minute mark, captain of Brown de Adrogue Martin Minadevino was given a straight red for absolutely mincing Gustavo Turraca with a flying kick to the throat – made worse by his teammate doing his best to sweep him from behind as he comes in for the collision.

Check it out for yourselves. If Mane gets a three match ban for his kick on Ederson, then this lad is surely facing time.

‘Ah, not over there son, hardy f*ckers they are. Sure Gustavo only has a scratch on him’, replies your Da.

The only thing left for Minadevino to have done to cap it all off was the Hulk Hogan finisher move – the running leg drop. How did you forget that mate??

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