Who should we be hoping gets promoted from Championship to Premier League?

Which clubs would add most to the Premier League if they earn promotion this season?

We’re approaching the final furlong of the Championship season and as things begin to unfold, more and more Premier League fans will begin to take notice of proceedings – for selfish reasons.

We should probably face it – some away trips are better than others and some clubs are bigger than others, too. If you’re spending your hard-earned money on ridiculously overpriced top tier tickets, then you’ll want the best experience in exchange for your money.

So which clubs should the Premier League want in the top flight again?

Well, if you’ve ever been to Wolverhampton or Middlesbrough, you probably know they won’t feature in this wishlist. So without further ado – here are the three clubs that we should all be hoping get promoted.

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Aston Villa

Villa Park is one of the most historic grounds on the planet. The red brick exterior and the famous steps lead you to one of the best experiences in English football. It’s also in Birmingham, which as the second city offers more to away fans than isolated towns with minimal amenities. Considering Birmingham City are likely to headed to League One, it’s probably up to Villa to represent the city at the top table for the foreseeable.

The history associated with the ground, particularly for events like FA Cup semi-finals only enhances its credentials as a top-tier ground and the sense of occasion associated with the place means it truly belongs as a venue for the best footballers in the country to strut their stuff at.

With ambitious owners like Dr. Tony Xia, there’s every chance they’d be competitive, too. Nobody needs the likes of that 2007-08 Derby County team that everyone knew would be beaten most weeks. Villa can spend, and they’d likely bring John Terry back to the Premier League as well. There’d be some tasty rivalries renewed there.

Cardiff City

Luckily for us, it appears that this one is likely to come off. The Bluebirds are seven points clear of the playoffs and look a surefire bet to join their Premier League counterparts next season. Cardiff are one of only six clubs to have spent just one season in the top tier (Barnsley, Brighton, Blackpool, Huddersfield and Swindon) and they’d be welcomed back with open arms.

After the controversy with the change to red disrupting their last spell in the Premier League, the passionate support that City possess would be far more focused on events on the pitch this time ‘round, and when the Cardiff City Stadium is bouncing, it makes for one hell of a stage.

Cardiff itself is rife with culture and being the capital of Wales, it can accommodate a day trip for anyone. Its accessibility is also a big plus, as well as the fact they could provide the Premier League with another derby – one that’s not just about success, but genuine dislike.

Bristol City

Bristol might be England’s most aesthetically pleasing city and after the renovations, Ashton Gate is more than ready to welcome the likes of Kevin De Bruyne and co to the south-west.

After Lee Johnson’s side knocked Manchester United out of the League Cup, the wider footballing public were made aware of just what was going on in the red half of Bristol – a young manager who’s taking a positive approach to the game and asking his sides to play good, entertaining football. The 36-year-old would be a breath of fresh air in the Premier League and his post-match interviews are as honest as they are thorough.

It’s about time Bristol had a representative in the top tier and City are only three points off the playoff pace – sixth place currently held by Middlesbrough.

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