INTERACTIVE: The clock is surely ticking for Arsene Wenger

Count down the days until Arsene finally quits with our handy timer!


After a second footballing lesson from Manchester City in 4 days, Wenger’s beleaguered side now boast the Premier League’s worst losing record in 2018.  His side have been so shite over the last week that even Vincent Kompany was able to play two full 90-minute matches against them, without conceding a goal, this despite the fact his legs are now constructed almost entirely from Weetabix.

Despite the constant knock-backs Wenger appears to be invincible to the criticism thrown at him, and the only thing Arsenal fans are able to cling on to is the fact that it seems highly improbable that he will last any longer than the length of his current contract.

With that in mind, we’ve built this handy timer, so that everyone can count the seconds down until Arsene finally shuffles off into the sunset, fiddling with his zip and scowling at the forth official.