Watch: Aston Villa claim most ridiculous transfer video prize at the death

Why is this a thing again?


Here at Paddy Power, we have to admit that the recent trend of football clubs using elaborate videos to announce transfers has us baffled.

Gone are the days when a player just took a picture holding the shirt, somewhere in the stadium of their new club to acknowledge the fact they had made a move. We miss those days…

The Twitter age has brought about what seems to be a sick game of one-upmanship between the clubs and you only have to look at Alexis Sanchez ‘playing’ the piano in his Manchester United announcement for an example of how out-of-hand this issue has become.

Aston Villa took the biscuit late last night though, when they stole Bournemouth’s Lewis Grabban from right under Cardiff City’s noses and then proceeded to release a bizarre loan announcement video to rub it in their faces.

The clip stars Villains CEO Keith Wyness and Amazon’s Alexa product as he scrolls through Twitter looking at transfer rumours. He then asks Alex Grabban plays for and that’s just the start of the hilarity! We won’t ruin it and you can watch it for yourself (if you dare) below:

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