Players Would Still Prefer to sign for United over City – Sanchez Proves that

Sanchez’s arrival is a ‘statement signing’ and a warning of things to come – for both the club’s rivals and its players



We all presumed that Alexis Sanchez would join Man City. There was all this talk about how desperate he was to be reunited with Pep Guardiola from their Barcelona days – everybody thought that it was nailed on.

Suddenly, Man United are the destination for him, and that is massive statement from the club. He’s one of the best players in the Premier League, and they’ve had a lot of competition to sign him.

This is their way of saying: ‘Don’t belittle us. We’re still the biggest club in the league and we can get who we want.’

It seems like United, City, Liverpool and Chelsea were all after them. Sanchez choosing United sends a big message to those clubs, especially Man City. The signing is a statement of intent from Jose Mourinho too. With all the talk of him getting a new contract, this is his way of showing the direction he is going in with the club. It will also be a sign of what’s to come in the summer.


Everyone is raving about City. But when it comes to the two clubs, Man United are miles bigger than City. Let’s not get this mixed up. Players would still prefer to go to them over Pep’s side – that’s a fact.

Players won’t go to City because they think they’re a bigger, more historic club than United. Because they’re simply not. Yes, some might get the quick satisfaction of winning the league this year, but those years of history, and the side that Mourinho is building – players want to be a part of that.

This signing only confirms that. Sanchez had the opportunity to go into a team where in a few months he could have won a trophy. But he didn’t, he chose to go to United because of everything they stand for and that says a lot about the size of the club.

City have some unbelievable players, but winning the league this year doesn’t mean anything. They need to be doing that year upon year and collecting loads of trophies to compete with United. That’s the true test. They’re not serial winners, but United are and that’s why players want to be there.

With the Champions League around the corner, this is a huge boost. Sanchez hasn’t come to Old Trafford not to play. He’s come to show just how good he is, on the top stage, which is in Europe. He’s a special player and the sort that doesn’t come around that often, so and I’d say United’s hopes of winning their fourth European trophy have just got a lot more likely.

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He’s a world class signing, which is why everyone was desperate to get him.

In that current United side, there’s no one like him. That can beat two, three, four players and find the net and totally change a game within minutes. There’s not been someone like that at United for a long time, either.

I would imagine there are some players who are panicking about his arrival. Mourinho is clearly looking to improve and change that team up, to make them more enjoyable to watch. That means people will need to make way if they can’t meet the standard.

You know what you’re getting from Romelu Lukaku. Anthony Martial can do that, when he switches on, which isn’t often. Marcus Rashford is still young and doesn’t get the game time, but none of those players are on the same level as Sanchez.

None of them have got that wow factor. They’re good players on their day – but Sanchez is a game changer. He’s priceless. All the talk of his transfer fee has been a joke – that’s what you expect now when you want to buy the best players, it’s just the way the market is.

He is one of the best players in the world in his position, and that’s why he’s gone for so much. Simple.

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