Liverpool fans could be belting this chant out of the Kop very soon

Do, do, do, do do…


Ever since the ‘Will Grigg’s on Fire’ chant run its course when the Wigan striker failed to make an appearance at Euro 2016, football has been on the lookout for a new anthem to take its place and an Irish Liverpool fan has come up with a new contender.

Richy Sheehy (aka Kevin Murphy), a comedian from Cork, is an avid Reds fans (as you’ll probably see from his bedroom) and felt like supporters needed a new chant to get over the loss of star midfielder Philippe Coutinho.

Using the tune to The Archies 1969 US no.1 ‘Sugar, Sugar’, Richy replaced the iconic “Sugar, ah honey honey” with “Salah, ah Mané Mané” and while it may not have you jumping out of your seat like the Will Grigg one, it does worm its way right into your brain.

He impressively manages to squeeze Roberto Firmino’s name in there, but we do have a feeling that if Liverpool fans do use the chant, they may want to go in a little harder on the Coutinho line!

Will we hear it being belted out of the Kop on Sunday when Manchester City come to town? Only time will tell, but you can check it out for yourself below:

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