‘Pair of w**kers’, Liam Gallagher rips into brother Noel and Gary Neville ahead of derby

He’s not one to sugar-coat it, is he?


There’s two things that get us up in the morning here at Power Tower, one being a good football match and the other being any sniff of an Oasis reunion.

We’ve at least got one of those things with the Manchester derby today and when you add in the fact that Noel Gallagher is set to be a special guest during Sky’s coverage, it should make today’s game essential viewing for all football fans.

Well, all but one supporter it seems. That being Noel’s brother and former Oasis bandmate Liam, who is shall we say less is than impressed at the prospect of his sibling teaming up with Manchester United legend Gary Neville to analyse the game.

Firstly, Liam couldn’t hold in his excitement this morning tweeting “MCFC in the f***ing area”, prompting Neville to respond by sarcastically saying that he thought Sky had “booked Noel”.

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Liam was never going to take that lying down and responded to a question from a fan on if he’d listen to Sky’s coverage today by calling Noel and Neville a “pair of w**kers”, although he did admit to liking Jamie Carragher.

It’s just Liam being Liam really, although he did add that if he was on Sky later he wouldn’t be long letting Neville know about it if City took the lead.

Oh those Gallagher boys will never change, but please get back together because everybody wants that.

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