Money Back Special: A derby goal from Lukaku will drive our accounts team bonkers

But, it will send some losing punters into dreamland as Manchester’s big two go to war...


So, I’m sitting at home last Saturday (pretending I don’t know the remote is hidden down the side of the couch), enjoying a heck of a day’s racing at Newbury as Total Recall storms past Whisper to take the Ladbrokes Trophy and my phone starts ringing off the hook.

It’s only bloody Nigel from accounts on the blower, of course I ignored him. However, after he tried ringing me for the 14th time I thought I’d better answer and see what’s up with him.

“Paddy, do you realise we had to refund over £150,000 to the punters in free bets because of the Money Back Special you announced on the Ladbrokes Trophy?” said the pencil pusher.

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“Nigel, do you realise I’ve Pilates in five minutes” was my answer. He wasn’t happy about that, but as we’re the home of the Money Back Special, these things happen and it was worth it to make our punters happy after such an epic race.

It didn’t finish there with Nigel though, and he bit back, “If you pull a stunt like that again, I’m not approving those expenses you put in from that ‘fact finding mission’ to Lanzarote last month.”

Well, that got my back up and I responded by saying “you know what Nigel, not only are you going to approve those expenses but I’m going to do two Money Back Specials this coming weekend.”

That put him in his place and I’m as good as my word, so if Romelu Lukaku scores at any time during Sunday’s Manchester derby it will be money back as a free bet to our customers.

* Applies to First Goalscorer, Last Goalscorer, Anytime Goalscorer, Correct Score and WhatOddsPaddy markets. Max free bet €10 per customer. T&Cs apply. Read more here.

To double the fun, I’m also announcing money back as a free bet on all losers in the Becher Chase (1:30pm Aintree), if the winning distance is four lengths or more.

* Applies to the win part of each-way singles only. Max free bet €10 per customer. T&Cs apply. Read more here.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Nigel! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve a Bikram Yoga class to get too…

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